One of Yoon Si Yoon's most incredible talents is his ability to take on diverse roles convincingly. One moment he's a master of aegyo with adorable facial expressions and child-like mannerisms in such K-dramas as Flower Boy Next Door, and the next moment he's got us convinced he's actually a seriously hot, mature man, like in his new drama The Prime Minister and I. In order to celebrate his new, more adult role as the Prime Minister's task director, let's just take a little look at the times he's successfully pulled off a sexy grown-ass man look, and the times he hasn't (but we loved him all the more for it).

1. The time he looked deep into your eyes with a furrowed brow as if he understood all your problems and knew some really wise solutions.

2. NOT the time he sucked pink ice cream off his finger and looked at you like an adorable 3 year old.

3. The time he just got coffee after a fancy event like a responsible adult instead of getting wasted at the after party.

4. NOT the time he slurped two fruity slushies at the same time with the mischievous look of a naughty 5 year old.

5. The time he wore leather, and had those arms, and yeah...

6. NOT the time he wore a panda hat and had an ice-pop hanging out his mouth. (Notice how you pretty much just have to give food to Yoon Si Yoon and he automatically is no longer a grown-ass man?)

7. That time he fought off an entire street gang in Baker King Kim Tak Goo.

8. NOT the time he played video games with an entire gang of bath house children in Flower Boy Next Door. (Although it is still pretty attractive. I think my ovaries just exploded.)

9. The time he ran on the beach to save people from drowning in the ocean. jk, it's just his and the other members of Barefoot Friends' faces photoshopped onto Baywatch characters (but still pretty manly).

10. NOT the time he had the words 'bubi bubi' photoshopped onto his squished face.

11. The time he contemplated the meaning of life and made a 5 year plan with goals and everything.

12. NOT the time his life plans only consisted of skateboarding like a slacker.

13. The time he wore a really well coordinated outfit, complete with tie and vest, but also the perfect touch of rebelliousness in the form of rolled up sleeves.

14. NOT the time he killed all fashion credibility by putting a tiny piece of hair into a weird side ponytail in Flower Boy Next Door.

15. The time he showed his feelings like a real man who's not afraid to express himself.

16. NOT the time he expressed his sadness with a pouty face like a two year old (but the aegyo is killer!)

17. The time he was so good at holding this baby, proving that he would probably make the best baby daddy ever (preferably MY baby daddy).

18. NOT the time he giggled while holding these parrots (I mean what is going on here?)...But his smize is irresistible.

19. And THAT time...yeah that time.

20. And NOT the time he snuck in and ate all the Halloween candy when you turned your back like he was 6 years old.

I don't know about you, but I'd take him either way! You can catch more of Yoon Si Yoon in the new currently airing drama The Prime Minister and I (which is so funny and charming) right HERE on DramaFever.

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