Sometimes, our friends are boring because they know nothing about K-dramas. Luckily, with DramaFever making amazing stories available to audiences everywhere, there simply isn’t a reason for your friends to not be watching. So, to make your social circles interesting to talk to, here are 10 ways to make your friends watch DramaFever.

1) Repeatedly spam their inbox with Lee Min Ho gifs

This is mail they won’t be marking as “junk.”

2) Secretly download the DramaFever app on their cellphone and tablet

And then be, like, “Whoa, you have an app with hundreds of shows? Let’s try watching one or ten….”

3) Tell them it’s more addictive than Gangnam Style

Warning: they may become Oska fans and start wearing his brand of socks.

4) Bring them the action

Of course the boys and the flowers are all good, but seriously, have your friends watch City Hunter.

5) More Lee Min Ho gifs

You know you’ve been thinking about this since the first entry. You’re welcome, ladies.

6) Tell them it shows you how to attract gorgeous billionaire heirs

And for guys, it shows you the only way to get the girl is to be born into a conglomerate.

7) Cook them the fine cuisine

Seriously, this stuff should be on the Food Network.

8) Give them a slang word guide

Because no one should turn away simply because they don’t know what “aigoo” and “aish” mean.

9) Remind them how inferior the rest of the Internet is—by laughing at them

Really, you thought you could find a K-drama collection like this on Netflix? LOL!

Watch a 400-year old alien hunk fall in love with a beautiful actress in My Love from Another Star.
10) And, finally, give them some Kleenex

Because they will cry when Goo Joon Pyo acts like a jerk to Oh Min Ji...and Geum Jan Di...and his own noona.

So what techniques have you tried to bring your friends over to K-dramas and DramaFever? Share in the comments below! And for all your K-drama needs, be sure to follow DramaFever and myself on Twitter!