If anyone has the cute and sexy wink thing down, it's Korean idols and actors, but not everyone can be the wink champion. Some people just can't quite make it past the complexity of only closing one eye, while others always seem to have something a little off about their winking facial expression. These 10 Korean celebrities may have failed at the wink, but they still won our hearts!

1. Song Joong Ki

So cute, even if it was just a little off! 

And he certainly didn't let his lack of ability stop him from trying again and again in Sungkyunkwan Scandal (thank goodness)! 

2. Girls' Generation Seohyun (I AM

More like a blink than a wink, but she was so close!

 3. Woo Bin (Heirs)

Not the most elegant or sophisticated of winks, but A for sexiness! 

4. Choi Min Ho (Because It's The First Time

There's just too many things going on for poor Minho to handle! He should probably stick to either winking or sexy lip licking, not both at the same time!  

5. Jo In Sung (It's Okay, That's Love)

So much build up to the wink, and then so anticlimactic! He almost looks ashamed of his wink. Don't be ashamed, Jo In Sung! 

 6. Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers)

What he lacked in wink, he made up for in adorable thumbs up!

7. Super Junior Cho Kyu Hyun (I AM)

Don't strain yourself too hard, Kyuhyun!

8. Girls' Generation Hyoyeon (I AM)


Almost there, Hyoyeon!

 9. Go Ara (Answer Me 1994

Can't tell if she is winking or trying not to nod off.

 10. Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High

Too excited to wink! 

Who do you think had the cutest almost wink? Comment below! 

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