100 Days My Prince is already making history!

Yesterday, the first episode of the historical rom-com recorded an average viewer rating of 5.0% (and the highest rating of 6.4%). No other South Korean cable program could beat it's viewership rating for that day, and TvN has never had a K-drama in its Monday line-up score so high for a premiere. This proves that the EXO-L fandom is very dedicated to supporting their singer, D.O. Episode one gave viewers a backstory of the main characters' sad childhoods before returning to the present day.

100 Days My Prince stars EXO member D.O. and actress Nam Ji Hyun. The series is about a crown prince with amnesia meeting a lovely commoner, who just happens to run a detective agency. Both characters have hidden identities, but they are able to form a bond during the prince's 100 day amnesia period.

You can catch the second episode today on DramaFever. Since it's already off to a great start, do you think 100 Days My Prince will be TvN's most popular K-drama of all time?


100 Days My Prince

Starring Do Kyung Soo (D.O.) and Nam Ji Hyun

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