The creative people over at Cut who make the "100 Years of Beauty" series have now made a video featuring 100 years of Korean beauty! You can watch it below!

The video starts off with the 1910s and shows off the hair and makeup styles that were popular throughout each decade. You can see the shift from decade to decade from more traditional with large hairstyles and hair pieces to less traditional styling with more modern influences. Starting in the 1950s part of the video, they also include the beauty standards of North Korea as well. The video shows all the way until the 2010s decade, where you can see that the styles have changed drastically since the 1910s. Even though the last look of the video is showing the beauty looks in Korea in the 2010s, we have already seen a change in the beauty standards in 2015! Instead of a heavy makeup look with large jewelry that may have been popular just five years ago, the more natural beauty look is definitely more in style now! 

What do you think of these looks? Which one is your favorite decade?

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