China is celebrating its National Day on October 1. For the flag ceremony at Tiananmen Square, some 10,000 peace doves will be released to symbolize peace. However, these doves will have to go through a strict security check before they can fly for peace.

The 10,000 peace doves are assembled from four regional pigeon associations. It's been reported that these birds will each be photographed and cataloged. They will also undergo strict security checks such as rectal exams to make sure there is no suspicious substance hidden under the feathers or within the buttocks. 

After passing the exams, the birds will be put inside trucks that will transport them to Tiananmen Square, where the trucks will be checked by anti-terrorism units. And then, they will wait for the crowd to flock to the square for the flag ceremony.

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Whew, I hope the peace doves will do a good job and fly home safely.

(photo: via)