For International Women's Day on March 8th this year, over 10,000 men and women gathered to make the female symbol in the Philippines. It will make a Guinness World Record as no such event existed previously. Coca-Cola in the Philippines was the event sponsor and said the event sought to call attention for the growing importance of women in the world.

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) initiated the "Human Women's Symbol Formation" event to celebrate 2014 Women's Month.. The organization seeks to promote gender equality and women's empowerment. The final count was exactly 10,168 men and women who gathered in the Filipino capital, Manila, to make this powerful symbol for women.

In her opening remarks, PCW Executive Director Emmeline L. Verzosa emphasized that women’s resilience is not limited to being strong but also in the way how “Juanas” embody optimism, patience, fortitude, and compassion for others."

The event was co-sponsored by Coca-Cola Philippines. "The women's symbol puts a spotlight on how women are poised to become the social and economic powerhouses of the future," said Adel Tamano, Coca-Cola Philippines' vice president for public affairs and communications. “Women in the Philippines are our haligi, the true pillars of the business and communities we proudly serve,” he added.

Here is a video of the event:

The female symbol and its male counterpart are derived from astrological symbols denoting the classical planets of Venus and Mars. This compelling crowd event should make a Guinness World Record as no such record has existed before, and it will take about a week before it makes it into the official record.