Hollywood has a long history of whitewashing minority characters, but moviegoers are finally starting to demand change to this controversial practice. And as anticipation grows for the announcement of who will play Mulan in the upcoming Hollywood live-action adaptation, fans signed a petition demanding that a Chinese actress play the beloved warrior princess.

When the announcement was made last March that Disney's Mulan was going to be adapted into a live-action feature, fans of the warrior princess were no doubt excited to hear the news. But since then, and even prior to that, Hollywood has been accused of a systematic whitewashing of minority characters, most recently casting Scarlett Johansson in the remake of Japanese animation Ghost in the Shell. Granted, that is nowhere as ridiculous as John Wayne playing Genghis Khan in the 1956 film The Conquerer, but it still rubbed many fans the wrong way. Many other films have replaced minority characters with white actors, to the point where it's become blatantly obvious that there was some sort of racism going on, angering not only those who watch movies but actors who should be up for many of these roles given to whiter faces.

But Mulan fans are fighting just like her, signing a petition demanding that she be played by a Chinese actress. So far, with a goal of 100,000 signatures, there are 98,611. The petition, of which you can sign here at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/505/768/292/tell-disney-you-dont-want-a-whitewashed-mulan/, is not just about wanting to see a Chinese Mulan. It really is about changing the obviously flawed mentality that exists in Hollywood, that characters have to be white in order to sell tickets. America is about as diverse as a country can get, and movies should represent that. It really is about time.

And Mulan will be played by . . . 

This isn't a comedy sketch — John Wayne as Genghis Khan!


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