It's never too late if you want to be a model. A 101-year-old Japanese man from Okayama is the face of the annual Coffee Cup Exhibition in local art space Aburagame, and he's also somewhat of a local celebrity.

Kaoru Nozaki is a hip 101-year-old model from Japan. He actually took the opposite route that most models do. He was a bit of a local celebrity before he became a model, not vice versa. After being sent to four different war zones as a youth, he decided he had enough. He went back to his hometown and decided to live the simple life. He can't drink alcohol, so he enjoys his coffee and cigarettes. He rose to local fame for always being at the local coffee shop, rain or shine, and for his easygoing personality.

Because Mr. Nozaki looked so cool and natural drinking his coffee, he was asked by a gallery to model for them, for a "Coffee Cup Museum" exhibit, and exhibition of coffee cups from all over the world. As a coffee lover—and overall cool dude—Mr. Nozaki obliged, and as you'd expect, the positive reactions by strangers and the local community have been overwhelming.

He has a future in modeling if he wants it, but he probably just wants to hang out at the coffee shop.

Old school sign

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Art space Aburagame

Coffee cup exhibition