The Chinese government recently released a photo of Civil Affairs officials of China' s Anhui province visiting a 103-year-old elderly woman. Everyone looks happy in the photo, but something is clearly wrong, and it has caused an uproar among the netizens.

In the photo, the four officials are smiling and looking downward at the centenarian they are visiting. However, the woman appears to be the size of a small doll relative to the officials, and the official closest to her is still floating mid-air as if he hasn't completely beamed down from a Star Trek transporter.

At the age of one hundred and three, the woman is the oldest senior citizen in the local area, but Chinese netizens seem more stunned and dismayed by the crude quality of the obviously Photoshopped photo.

Later, after the photo had quickly gained notoriety among internet users, the civil-affairs office released an announcement that the visit really did take place, and the photo was composed this way to customize the size of the photo to fit a required frame.

Does anyone else think that soon there will be an opening for a new Photoshopper at the office?