Have you noticed all the hype about the new K-drama Yong Pal? The Good Doctor star Joo Won stars once again as a surgeon, this time someone who's obsessed with money. We've come up with Joo Won and his beautiful partner actress Kim Tae Hee's friendship, love life, and future plans. Take a look!

1. Joo Won thinks Kim Tae Hee is a goddess

When asked about Kim Tae Hee's first impression, Joo Won said, "As soon as I saw her for the first time in real life, I thought she came down from heaven!" 

Joo Won elaborated that Kim Tae Hee's not only beautiful in looks but also has beautiful personality, adding that it made filming the drama Yong Pal much easier. On Yong Pal, Joo Won plays a talented surgeon who's assigned to take care of Kim Tae Hee. a hospitalized patient.

2. Kim Tae Hee thinks Joo Won's adorable

Kim Tae Hee, in return, said of her first impression of Joo Won, "He's such an adorable, cute person with lots of aegyo," adding he's so social that he gets along with everyone.

3. Kim Tae Hee doesn't have immediate plans to marry her boyfriend Rain

Kim Tae Hee doesn't plan to marry her Hallyu star boyfriend Rain just yet. Rain and Kim Tae Hee have been dating since January 2013. Last summer, Rain was baptized at Kim Tae Hee's church, which made fans speculate on the possibility of them getting married soon.

Kim Tae Hee shared her thoughts on marriage at Yong Pal's press conference on July 30, saying she doesn't have any concrete plans yet.

"To be absolutely honest, Rain and I naturally talk about marriage because we're in a relationship. But we've never planned or taken any specific actions towards it," Kim Tae Hee said and further clarified, "I don't even know with whom, when, or how I will get married."

This March, they traveled to Jeju island together (pictures). 

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4. Joo Won doesn't want his girlfriend to wear skirts

Joo Won said he doesn't like girls who wear revealing clothes, adding it's not very polite.

"I don't like girls who wear skirts. I like a girl who always wears pants," Joo Won said on the talk show Witch Hunt.

Joo Won added he likes it when girls are shy. Discussing a fan's story, he said, "I like it when my girlfriend is shy at first, instead of being overly touchy. As a relationship develops, people become more honest about their feelings."

5. Joo Won wanted to film Yong Pal with Kim Tae Hee

"When I heard for the first time my partner will be Tae Hee noona, I was so happy and appealed to the production team I'd love to film with Tae Hee noona," Joo Won recalled at Yong Pal's press release.

"All men would like to film with Kim Tae Hee. I was the same," Joo Won added humorously.  

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6. Joo Won is 7 years younger than Kim Tae Hee

Joo Won (27) stars on Yong Pal with beautiful noona Kim Tae Hee (35). In addition to the Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won couple, Producer's Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Soo Hyun and Mask's Park Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon are other couples where the male leads fall in love with older noonas.

7. Kim Tae Hee can drink more than Joo Won

"Joo Won's a lightweight drinker. He's worse than me," Kim Tae Hee said and laughed at an interview with Midnight Entertainment. Kim Tae Hee added she can drink one beer or four soju shots in one sitting.

8. Kim Tae Hee doesn’t want to look pretty 

"I don't want to look pretty on Yong Pal and I'll perform to reflect this resolution." Kim Tae Hee shared her plans to focus on her acting performance at Yong Pal's press release.

9. Joo Won has a sweet, deep singing voice

Just listen to him sing and play guitar on this video! [Sigh] What a heartthrob.

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