Seo Kang Joon of Cheese in the Trap is returning to the small screen with his first ever lead role. We’ve been patiently waiting for Are You Human Too? which has been held up for over a year, and can’t be more excited about its June 4 premiere. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about its hot actor.

1. Seo Kang Joon is a member of boy band 5urprise

5urprisingly, all of the five band members are actors. In 2013, the group released their first single Hey U Come On, which was the original soundtrack of After School: Lucky or Not. They released their latest single, Shake it Up, in 2016 in Japan.

2. In addition to acting and singing, he plays the piano pretty well

Watch his piano cover of EXO’s ‘Growl’ in the video above.

3. He passed an SM audition in middle school

When he was in middle school, his friend had an audition at SM, and he tagged along to support the friend. It turns out the friend didn’t pass but Kang Joon did, but he didn’t pursue a dream of becoming an idol singer, because he wasn’t interested at the time. Later in middle school, he went to Malaysia to study there for two years, which is why he speaks fairly good English.

4. He’s walked on Seoul fashion week

When he returned from Malaysia, he modeled for two to three years in high school. His last gig was walking on the runway of 2011 fall/winter Seoul fashion week. Eventually, he enrolled himself in an acting academy and supported himself through with part time jobs. A big reason for deciding to become an actor was his love of movies.

5. When is he the sexiest?

Kang Joon says it’s when he’s reading a screenplay.

6. When do you find him cool?

When he has a “full makeup look,” he says!

7. The color of his eyes is so surreal

He calls it a combination of brown and khaki, which makes him all the more entitled to become a robot, right?

8. He’s of royal blood

He’s a descendant of Prince Yangnyeong and related to Rhee Syngman, the first president of South Korea, Lee Hong Gi, and Lee Seung Gi in a broader sense. Kang Joon’s real name is Lee Seung Hwan.

9. He’s got mad bromance skills

In this video, you can see Kang Joon chilling in bed with GOT7's Jackson in an episode of Roommate.

10. Kang Joon kissed Kyungri of Nine Muses

Their lips accidentally met while playing a game in an episode of a variety show 'Match Made in Heaven Returns.' Watch from 2:00.

11. He can do crazy workout

He's like, “I'll show you how push-ups are done.” You need to watch it until the end for the punchline.

And finally, if you need more of Seo Kang Joon, here’s a video we made way back when he was filming Cheese in the Trap!

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