Anime like One Piece, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z have their moments, but those moments are usually sandwiched between months of fillers. And with the holiday break coming to a close, you may not have that kind of time. So, for your hectic scheduling needs, here are 11 awesome anime you can easily finish in one binge-watching session.

NOTE: whenever possible, the only stories included are those that actually represented the entire story (or at least enough to feel like a complete series). Because we all know some short anime are just trailers for the more complete manga, and you don’t need that heartache as the end credits roll.

1) Tonari No Seki-Kun: The Master of Killing Time

Length: 17 eight-minute episodes

Proof that big things do come in small packages, Tonari No Seki-Kun takes an incredibly simple concept and builds on it with layers of hilarity. Seki is a boy who sits in the last row in class and plays games instead of working. Rumi, his studious neighbor, is bothered by this to no end. And while she likes to pretend she’s working, she really starts getting involved in the games herself. Seki doesn’t talk; Rumi has some of the most hilarious overreactions you will ever see. Couple that with how the series makes pop culture references (in one game, Seki draws people on his lunch and eats them like a Titan), and it’s a total blast to watch. And with a net running time of less than three hours, why aren’t you watching it already?

2) Kids on the Slope

Length: 12 (half-hour) episodes

Two high school kids who have grown up as best friends. A third high school kid who moves into town and instantly becomes friends with them. Love triangle alert! But before it starts to become too generic, the story finds its own rhythm--literally--as we see the world of classic jazz come alive in their band. Emotion, music, and religion all play a role as we see the journey from young adult to adult. And all in just six hours.

3) Un-Go

Length: 11 episodes

Yes, there are investigators other than L out there. Known not-so-fondly as “The Defeated Detective,” protagonist Shinjuro Yuki works hard at solving murders. And when he can’t do it on his own (which is always), he enlists the help of Inga, a demon seductress who serves as his boss and spends most of her time as his innocuous child companion (and you thought your boss was breathing down your neck all the time). Together, Inga and Shinjuro spend their days solving crimes and exposing corrupted souls, which Inga then goes on to devour. How’s that for food that’s good for the environment?

4) My Little Monster

Length: 13 episodes

Yes, I know--breaking the rule about not including stories that didn’t complete the manga’s run. But with this romantic comedy, you get essentially the better part of the manga’s run, and it’s really just a story you shouldn’t miss because the anime in itself is so satisfying. Shizuku is a well-behaved, studious member of society (read: nerdy social outcast). Fate crosses her path with Haru Yoshida, a troublesome delinquent who actually has a heart of gold. Shizuku meets Haru. Shizuku hates Haru. Shizuku falls in love with Haru. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out the plot, but Haru’s crazy antics and their impact on the more straight-laced Shizuku are the stuff of comedy gold. Easily one of the funniest anime of all time.

5) Usagi Drop

Length: 11 episodes

Again, know I’m breaking the rule about stories that didn’t complete the manga’s run. But, again, you pretty much get the majority of the story, and here’s the added bonus: you miss out on the very disturbing, creepy ending to the very sweet manga. Daikichi is a single man who has no intention of getting married even though he’s touching 30. When his grandfather passes away, he leaves behind a daughter--who’s eight and has nowhere to go. So, yes, single man Daikichi adopts his own aunt. It is a sweet story about how a wonderful child drops into a man’s life and gives it meaning, which should not be missed. And, again, don’t even worry about the part of the manga you missed. It’s creepier than an Eren Jaeger dream.

6) House of Five Leaves

Length: 12 episodes

Protagonist Akitsu is a ronin. What that essentially means is that he can slice you up with his sword in about 20 different ways, and has no alliegance to any kind of master. Akitsu also happens to be meek, and a little dumb--which is why he’s always out of a job. Of course, someone like that would get exploited in the cutthroat world of feudal society. So it comes as a pleasant surprise when he is hired as a bodyguard for pretty-boy Yaichi...except Yaichi lives in a brothel and runs a secret group called the Five Leaves. How Akitsu deals with being a part of something greater is a story that turns the classic samurai fable on its head, and delivers one of the most unique, depressing ronin stories this side of Rurouni Kenshin.

7) Code:Breaker

Length: 13 episodes

While riding the bus one day, high school student and martial artist Sakura sees a boy her age standing atop a bunch of people being burned alive. When she goes back, there are no corpses and no evidence of such an inhumane crime. In class, she sees the same boy. He is assassin Rei Ogami, a “Code: Breaker” who works for the government. And before you start to scream that it’s like every sci-fi story you’ve ever heard, let me confirm: you are right. But it’s well done with a decent cast of characters and enough intrigue to keep you hooked for the small duration of the series. So, when looking for your secret conspiracy fix, look no further than this little bundle of joy. Creepy, dark, conspiratorial joy.

8) Ramen Fighter Miki

Length: 12 episodes

Note: there is a sequel manga series that was never adapted to television, so if you really end up loving the anime, you might have to go reading. And now that we have that book-hazard disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about Ramen Fighter Miki, a lovely little send up to action anime and martial arts films starring a lovable protagonist who is as unlike traditional anime action females as can be. She’s not a seductress with fan blades. She’s not a commando from a secret high school for martial artists. She’s not an elite assassin who was bred in a lab to kill. She’s a noodle delivery girl whose own mother dropkicks her whenever she’s late. The show has the feeling of a sitcom on steroids, and spoofs everything from Jackie Chan to nearly every important anime ever made.

9) Another

Length: 12 episodes

Spoiler alert: you will be creeped out. Our setting is Yomiyama North Middle School. Many years ago, in class 3-3, there was a student named Misaki. Misaki died. Years later, Koichi transfers to class 3-3, and he sees a girl named Mei. Mei is ignored by all, but Koichi and Mei form a bond. And then...people start to die. In strange ways. And, somehow, Misaki is a part of all this. Can Koichi and Mei figure out what’s happening before their tombstone gets an early engraving? Short, creepy and strangely touching, this is a story that you don’t want to miss. And probably don’t want to watch alone.

10) Chance Pop Session

Length: 13 episodes

For every person who grew up dreaming about someday becoming a pop star, here is an anime that shows you both the ups and downs of such a life. Akari, Yuki and Nozomi all meet up at an idol concert. They all also happen to make it into an awesome program at a music school, where potential stars are upgraded into a class that essentially thrusts them into the limelight of tomorrow. They also learn about their past connections to each other, and fall in love. So, in every way possible, it is like a mature shojo manga come to life (and it’s not even based on a manga). So if you ever liked music, anime or idol stories, this is as true as it can get to any of them without actually including clips from a T-ara tour.

11) Night Raid 1931

Length: 13 episodes

The year is 1931. Shanghai is on the path of becoming one of the central players in World War II. To stop the tides of war, a special team of spies is dispatched to spy on and eliminate the deadliest of targets. Most of what happens in Night Raid 1931 is fiction. Some of it is fact. Much like most history books. And for one of the most tumultuous times in the history of Asia, the aftereffects of which are still felt in society today, you could do a lot worse research than watching a thoroughly enjoyable anime about a bunch of supernatural experts of espionage.

So there you have it: 11 awesome anime you can easily finish this weekend. So what other short and sweet stories do you love? Sound off in the comments below! And for all your news needs, be sure to follow Dramafever on Twitter!