K-dramas have been a source of fashion inspiration for many of us. Taking a chance on fashion, something that isn't what's fashionable today but could be fashionable tomorrow, is admirable. However with it comes the risk of failure. Here we have 11 different times a character in a K-drama wore a sweater that was an assault on our eyes. Do you secretely wish you could pull some of these off? We have to admit that some of these actors are able to make some pretty atrocious things look good, but the fact is- it's still just plain ugly. 

1. Heirs- Kim Tan

As we all know- Lee Min Ho in Heirs has been dubbed the 'Heir of Ugly Sweaters'. I do not contend that fact. Although he is much adored by many people out there, not even he can pull of the ugliness that are these sweaters.

Exhibit A:

This sweater reminds me of that awful wallpaper that is still up in your grandmother's house that makes you feel a bit like your head is spinning when you look at it. The fit is nice, but that's pretty much the only goodish thing I can say about it. 

Exhibit B:

Shiny and gold. I just ask myself why? Have you ever seen those buskers who stand outside in public squares and pretend to be a statue? They are usually painted all gold or silver. They stand super still until someone gives them some money and then they will move. That is what this sweater reminds me of. 

Exhibit C:

I think I hate this one most of all. This turtleneck looks like it's eating his head. Not to mention it's fuzzy and ill fitting and kind of looks like he is wearing the cookie monster from Sesame Street. It's just wrong in so many ways. 

2. Heirs- Choi Young Do

Choi Young Do was usually pretty well dressed, especially when he wore a button up shirt and slim fitting suit pants. But this sweater kind of looks like he's wearing a crop top. The half white half black contrast really does not work. It's also too loose fitting. And the white part kind of looks like something you'd knit for a new born baby. 

exhibit B:

Another case of the turtleneck eating a face. Why are the neck parts of these turtlenecks so aggresively large and bulky. It looks so ridiculous!

3. Secret Garden -Kim Joo Won

Kim Joo Won was at least humorous when he wore his funny sweaters. His collection of tracksuit tops cracked me up. This sequined one was a particular favourite of mine. It's just so awful on him. 

4. Personal Taste-Park Kae In

I guess it's funny, but it's just so ugly. Maybe cute on a 2 year old, although the material it is made out of looks like it would feel awful on your skin. Just definitely not cute or attractive at all on anyone over the age of 5. 

5. You're Beautiful -Hwang Tae Kyung

All of these sweaters are pretty ugly to me, but Hwang Tae Kyung's is the worst. It's a sweatshirt, but also a poncho and then has a pointed hoodie? Whoever thought up putting these concepts together got a little confused somewhere along the way because it is awful!

6. You're Beautiful- Go Mi Nam

I'm not a fan of this coat/sweater. The shape is all wrong, and it's paired with an outfit that makes it look frumpy and not cute. 

7. Boys Over Flowers- Goo Joon Pyo

Goo Joon Pyon might as well just have had the animal draped across his shoulders with this one. There is just SO much fur. It's everywhere. I know he's uber-rich and all, but still! I hate this sweater. Lee Min Ho has played a lot of characters with very 'interesting' fashion choices. Luckily he can usually pull them off. 

8. Tomorrow's Cantabile- Mi Na

Song Mi Na is so beautiful. They put her in a lot of very daring and fashion forward clothes in Tomorrow's Cantabile. She manages to still look beautiful in them, but I think she might be the only person in the world who would. I hate the colour of this, it actually hurts the eyes. The fit isn't great either with the puffy sleeves and wide lapel. 

9. Tomorrow's Cantabile - Cha Yoo Jin and Yoon Hoo

Exhibit A: Cha Yoo Jin

Down with turtlenecks! Cha Yoo Jin looked great with a very streamlined look for most of Tomorrow's Cantabile but this turtleneck is ugly. It's not a good colour. The neck is mishapen. It's a big miss for me.

Exhibit B: Lee Yoon Hoo

Even worse though is Lee Yoon Hoo's turtleneck. It's seriously the worst colour ever. No one looks good in that weird washed out beige. The neck is kind of hanging loose- I think I just really hate turtlenecks. 

10. My Love From Another Star- Cheon Song Yi

Cheon Song Yi is beautiful in a way that almost defies beauty. Her face is spectacular! So she can pull off some pretty out there fashion. This sweater though is still really, really ugly- even on her. Why are the sequins so big? Anyone with children knows that those sequins would be pulled off that sweater in a matter of seconds. Just...yuck. 

11. Healer- Seo Jung Hoo

Okay, that's it. I call for a petition to ban turtlenecks from K-dramas. This sweater has an interesting texture, it's a nice colour- but the neck kills it. It's eating his beautiful face. It does not flatter him at all. This sweater would go from being ugly to being fantastic if you just lopped off the neck. 

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Which sweaters make the top of your "ugly sweater" list?