Flower boys are a thing of the past! Let’s take a look at celebrities who are 35 years old and up, not married, and masculine as hell!

1 Lee Dong Wook - 35

Check out the Goblin actor’s Arena pictures here.

2 Kim Rae Won - 35

Two weekends ago, he flew to Taiwan and made sweet desserts for the fans! At the Doctor Crush press conference last year, he said it’ll still take him a few years to marry because he has “a lot of work to do.” Maybe he meant making more sweet desserts for his fans. See more of this heartthrob here.

3 Jo In Sung - 35

We’ll take Jo In Sung in a suit, please! Last month, he confessed he wants to marry soon. He then detailed his Ms. Right, saying, “Some women are beautiful at first sight but sometimes I come across a woman who’s charming in a very subtle way.”

4 Cho Seung Woo - 36

“I want to fall in romantic love,” Cho Seung Woo said. “Marriage could be delayed longer. I want to have a long-lasting family, which makes me more careful.”

This summer, this talented actor will star in tvN’s Secret Forestwith Bae Doo Na!

5 Gong Yoo - 37

Yesterday, this Goblin actor popped up at the Lotte World mall, where he was greeted by hundreds of fans yelling out of excitement! Watch the video (not subbed) here.

6 Ha Jung Woo - 38

This sexy actor turned into an illustrator for a new skincare brand Rising Star! He drew Sara, a cool teenage girl wearing a star earring who’s eponymous to the brand! Check out his illustration here!

7 So Ji Sub - 39

If you use a peach-scented shampoo or body wash, chances are So Ji Sub might fall madly in love with you. Read details here.

8 Kang Gary - 39

Not much is known on Gary’s love life but, guessing by his Running Man Monday Couple romance, he’d surely make a sweet boyfriend!

9 Kim Jong Kook - 40

Did you know that Kim Jong Kook went on a romantic cruise date with a non-celebrity? Or that he and Song Ji Hyo might be the next Monday Couple? (Ahem, Spartace!)

10 Jung Woo Sung - 43


11 Lee Jung Jae - 44

Can you believe he’s 44 this year? What’s wrong with these Korean actors who seem to age backwards?!

Who did we miss? Tell us below!

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