Korean celebrities really appreciate their fans! They are happy to hold their hands, listen to their stories, pose with them for a selfie, and send them gifts. Here's a list of 11 celebs, who are all about some fan loving! 

1 Lee Joon Ki

Lee Joon Ki never forgets to mention his fans on social media. On the weekends, he volunteers with his fans for the poor. When his fans gives him gifts, like 10 tons of rice, he donates it for those in need. Here’s the actor waving to all of his fans at an airport in Taiwan!

2 Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk is happy to pose for photos when he meets a fan on the streets.

When his fans put up the advertisement on the subway congratulating his 20th debut anniversary, he took selfies with the ads to thank the fans! We love his shoulder length wig!

3 Suzy

At any fan event, you can find Suzy smiling while looking directly into the fans' eyes. She often wears cute headbands like this pretty flower headpiece, a gift from fans. 

At the fan signing event, when it's your turn to say hi to Suzy, she'll holler at you and give you a huge handshake.

She'll also give you a hug and a heart!

Lee Min Ho

When Lee Min Ho received a wedding invitation from a fan, he sent a giant flower wreath, which read “Please be happy and well,” to her wedding. This surprised the fan so much that she almost fainted!

Earlier this month, he arrived at an airport in Thailand, where he was greeted by literally hundreds of fans. When he saw a fan fall onto the ground, he stopped, approached her, and helped her get back on her feet safely. She could’ve been in great danger without the actor’s help.

Eric Moon

Upon receiving the “King of romantic comedy” award from his performance on Another Oh Hae Young, Eric thanked his fans, saying, “Thanks for the Shinhwa fans who were in the second PR team (for the drama).”

Below is Eric playing with the swags at the fan signing event.

By the way, did you know Eric loves to take  hilarious photos?


IU always waves to fans who come out to see her.

When a fan enlisted in the army, she invited him to her concert, sang him Letter of a Private, wrote him a letter and gave her passport photos.

From the third debut anniversary and on, she gave fans gifts. Sometimes when IU sees the fans, she gives fans food. When she met her fans at the airport, she walked along with them like best friends!

Park Hae Jin

Just look at him hug a fan. Doesn’t he look so sincere? Last year, Park Hae Jin funded his own 10th debut anniversary fan meeting, which costed $170,000. He whispered sweet things, took selfies and answered questions of the 4,000 fans. The fan meeting lasted five hours and Park cried in the end, thanking his fans.

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye has hosted more fan meetings than any other actors we know. She hosted the 2015 Dream of Angel Asia tour, in which she donated all of her ticket profits to charities. Last year, she met up with fans at a Mamonde event, a sports meet, and more.

Seo Kang Joon

Seo Kang Joon hosted a free hug event, where he hugged and posed for selfies with 500 fans. Last May,Seo sponsored a giant fan meeting at Lotte World, an indoor amusement park, where he stayed up the night with the fans.

10 Kwon Sang Woo

When Kwon Sang Woo receives coffee and snack trucks, he sends the fans small gifts like candles! A few years ago when a cancer patient fan wrote a letter to his agency, Kwon felt so sad that he visited the fan at the hospital, which surprised her.

11 BigBang

BigBang’s G-Dragon has said “Without the VIP (fans), there’s no us.” One of the things Seungri’s proud of is his fan love. At concerts, BigBang always sings that the fans are their “everything.”

Which fan love was most interesting? Who did we miss? Which actors do you think love their fans enough to marry them? Tell us below! 

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