Plastic surgery is so common in Korea that people don't feel socially ashamed to admit to it anymore. Even celebrities, whose beautiful looks are adored, aren't afraid to say in public that their looks have been enhanced through plastic surgery. Some celebrities loved their new look, while others regret having done it. We have 13 actors and K-pop idols who've openly talked about their surgeries on air. Take a look!

1. My Beautiful Bride's Lee Si Young

My Beautiful Bride actress Lee Si Young had multiple surgeries done 10 years ago and says she naturally thinks of her current face as hers. "When I first talked about it, lots of news articles were published (about my plastic surgeries)," she said. When asked her reason for talking about it, she said, "Because I totally look like I've had surgeries done," adding there's no reason to hide it because everyone who sees her old pictures knows.

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2. Boys Over Flowers's Kim Hyun Joong

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong, more popular for his role on Boys Over Flowers, raised his nose bridge. When he was younger, he had his nose hit by a rock when playing. When he had a surgery because of the accident, he asked his doctor to raise the nose bridge a little as well. Convenient, right?

3. 2NE1 Minzy

While Minzy's new looks are another issue these days, Minzy confessed back in 2013 through her agency YG Entertainment that she had her nose done while having a surgery to cure her rhinitis.

4. Twenty's Min Hyo Rin

Actress Min Hyo Rin, who's dating Big Bang's Taeyang, said in 2012 she had a double eyelid surgery, but the nose is hers! 

5. Infinity Challenge's Kwanghee

ZE:A Kwanghee's mother said, "If you want to be a celebrity, you have to have a good looking face." He said he fixed up his eyes, nose, and forehead, adding his mother recommended it. His mother took him to the hospital in person, where he brought a comic book along. 

He has mentioned on Infinity Challenge if he didn't become a celebrity, he'd be a plastic surgery counselor,

6. Fool's Love's Uee

Uee said on a 2010 January episode of Sangsang Plus she's had her eyes done. "I just nipped my eyes a little bit."

Check out Kwanghee and Uee's adorable date on Infinity Challenge:

7. My Girl's Lee Da Hae

When asked the secret for her beautiful face, she said she used to be fat, adding she also "remodeled" herself. The host said, "Oh, I thought you didn't (have plastic surgery)," to which she said jokingly, "It turned out so well."

8. Couple Breaking's Park Han Byul

Last month, when a colleague commented her eyes look tired and jokingly added if she's had her eyes done, she said, "You're right, I nipped my eyes."

9. We Got Married's Suh In Young

We Got Married's (Korean version season 1) original star Seo In Young addressed her plastic surgery rumors in 2013, saying, "I just lost a lot of weight." The hosts refuted "Isn't that what all celebrities say all the time?" and she said, "(My face) looked better before I touched it," adding she's had a surgery done.

She elaborated that she's had the tip of her nose done twice, stressing she's always had a tall nose bridge, "The nose tip became too sharp, unlike what I expected, so I had another operation lowering it," She said, "I don't recommend plastic surgery. It's better and more natural without surgeries."

10. All About Eve's Kim Jung Eun

Actress Kim Jung Eun said she's had a surgery while talking about her new millionaire boyfriend. She added a message to fellow actresses, saying, "Hide (about your surgeries) as long as you can."

11. Oh My Ghostess's Shin Eun Kyung

Talented actress Shin Eun Kyung had her jaw done. The jaw surgery could be life threatening and therefore isn't really affordable. She said she decided to have it done because people always misunderstood her neutral face as an angry face to the point she couldn't take longer. She wanted to change her boyish aura to a warmer one, she said. She says it was an adventure, but she doesn't regret it.

12. Ballad singer Park Hyo Shin

Singer Park Hyo Shin said to fans during his concert in 2009 that he had his eyes done to look better on screen. "I could've been fine without it, but people recommended it and I went for it." He sang OSTs for many hit dramas like I'm Sorry I Love You, Iljimae, Athena, and many more. 

13. T-ara Hyomin

T-ara Hyomin talked about her plastic surgery last summer. When host Moon Hee Joon asked how she takes care of her beautiful appearance, she said she took care of it "furtively" and "painfully," suggesting a surgery.

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