We’re more than halfway through No-Shave November, ya’ll! As winter approaches, so do the beards. We K-drama fans know better than anyone how difficult a nice beard -- or even bearable facial hair -- is to find on Korean stars. Sometimes, all that's needed is the right amount of scruff to bring the ladies (and gentlemen) to the yard. Below you'll find 11 men who look really, really good with facial hair (plus one who doesn't):

1. Cha Seung Won

Tall, dark, suave. Hits the mark.

2. So Ji Sub

That sexy Cain and Abel look.

3. Bae Soo Bin

Yes to all of him.

4. Kim Min Jun


5. Han Jung Soo

Looks like it's time to go re-watch Chuno. For the -- for the story, you know?

But seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, everyone is shirtless it's pretty great.

6. Gong Yoo

Quick. Name a time he didn't look good in everything. That's right -- never.

7. Ryu Seung Ryong

Popularly called 'dirty sexy,' Ryu is a face you should know.

After all, he's taken the Korean film industry by storm over the past several years with that stubble.

8. Lee Jin Wook

Why hasn't he been cast in a Korean spy flick yet?

9. Ha Jung Woo

I'm 200 percent certain that everything Ha Jung Woo is perfection.

10. Lee Byung Hun

Lee is always so charismatic.

11. Song Seung Hun

Also, an actor who should never grow facial hair again:

Lookin' at you, Lee Dong Wook.

We love you to bits, but hair on your face is not a good look for you.

Tell us some other stars who can rock a beard in the comments below!