Do you ever find yourself understanding a couple of words here and there while watching dramas? Here we have 13  frequently used words and phrases on Korean TV shows. Scroll to see how many you know!

1. Mukja (먹자)

Muk-ja means let's eat! The adorable babies of The Return of Superman are known for their huge appetite. 

2. Mool (물)

Here The Return of Superman's Haru brings mool (water) to her dad Tablo and says, mool-da-muk-uh, meaning eat all of your water! 

3. Gaja (가자)

Ga-ja means let's go! Same with muk-ja above, the ja ending denotes let's. 

Are you interested in learning Korean? We recommend watching the variety show The Return of Superman for adorable babies who are learning to talk:

4. Bbali (빨리)

Bbal-li means fast. Bbali gaja means let's go quickly. Bbali bbali means hurry up!

5. Ching-gu (친구)

Ching-gu means friends, like the good friends of Dream High!

6. Oppa (오빠) and Unni (언니)

Use oppa (older brother) and unni (older sister) to call a man or a woman older than you. On That Winter, The Wind BlowsSong Hye Gyo calls Jo In Sung oppa.

8. Appa (아빠) and Umma (엄마)

Adorable Haru hugs her appa Tablo and umma Kang Hye Jung.

10. Yagsok (약속)

Yag-sok means a promise.

11. Anyung/haseyo (안녕/하세요)

An-nyung means hello and good bye. Say the formal phrase An-nyung-ha-se-yo to someone you don't know or older than you.

12. Sarang/haeyo (사랑/해요)

Sa-rang means love. Say Sa-rang-hae (informal) or Sa-rang-hae-yo (formal)!

Another drama we recommend for learning Korean is romantic melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows for actors’ slow, enunciated speech:

13. Jusaeyo (주세요)

Ju-sae-yo means please give me that thing! Kids on The Return of Superman like Sarang, Lee twins and Song triplets say this a lot asking for food. Reviewing the word we already learned, we can say, Mool jusaeyo!

How many of these words did you know already? What words were new to you? Tell us in the comments below!