Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’s Lee Joon Ki is not just sexy but also thoughtful! He’s given numerous interviews about his work, fans, love life, and more. Scroll down to reveal the ultimate Lee Joon Ki oppa facts!

Fact 1: Girlfriend? Wouldn’t I say no even if I had one?

“Girlfriend? Wouldn’t I say I don't have even if I had one? This was my answer since my debut, and I think this is the right answer. The secret must be kept for romantic feelings to develop into a marriage. If I love someone, I want to marry her with blessings. Our love has to be the secret between the two. I don’t want to see someone under the eyes of the public.”

Fact 2: My fans say ‘never get Botox’

“I listen to my fans diligently. Their words are never annoying, because they never say the wrong things. Also, they love me the best. They’re honest with me when they say, ‘When you get older, don’t get Botox in the face.’ Of course, I don’t plan to get plastic surgeries.”

Fact 3: I like being in my thirties

“When I was in my twenties, I was young and fresh, so I didn’t have a man’s smell. I like the feeling of reaching my thirties. The acting spectrum will get wider. I don’t dislike getting older as an actor,” Lee Joon Ki said in a 2012 interview.

Fact 4: I take my fans’ opinions 100%

When it comes to additional TV appearances like in variety or reality shows, I take 100% of my fans’ opinions into consideration. Varieties tend to be consuming, and my fans worry about that as well. So I’m not involved in any at the moment. When it comes to talk shows, though, fans love them a lot.

Fact 5: Action scenes are fun, even when I get injured

Action scenes are fun even when I get injured. If I film that way, without reservations, we’re bound to get good scenes. Staffs and directors worry that I might get hurt, though. But I think my 20s and 30s are the best times to show action scenes. I remember watching Jackie Chan movies when I was younger, and admiring his action scenes. He pours out his everything for a film. I want to emulate that.”

Fact 6: I'm a more chill person now, thanks to the military

“Before I joined the military, I controlled my personal life a lot. First of all, I didn’t go out of my house much. When drank, I went to the bars with separate rooms, always accompanied by my manager. To avoid rumors, I never invited female guests.

“After the military, I’ve changed, and my nights are more chill. I go to the barbecue places, and get on a cab alone. At the bars, people would say, ‘Wow, he’s a celebrity,’ only for about 40 minutes, and not care afterwards. In the military, I realized I used to be so uptight!”

Fact 7: I’m a workaholic

“It’s hard facing the void and emptiness after I finish filming,” He said in an interview. In another, he shared, “I say the word ‘constructive’ a lot. I need to be satisfied (with my work). If I sleep satisfied and in peace under the coffin, wouldn't that be a success?”

Fact 8: I love fantasy dramas

“I love the genre. My appearance, physical abilities, and acting style are put into good use in fantasy works.”

Fact 9: Pretty faces get old

“My ideal type varies. A pretty face can get old quickly. I like a warm-hearted person. I hope she’s more mature than me. I want to be able to put my head on her shoulder from time to time.”

Fact 10: I suffered from a brief star sickness

Lee Joon Ki confessed that he had a brief star sickness with the success of his debut film in 2005.

“After King and the Clown reached a 10 million audience mark, the only story on TV was of me. I thought I was the best. I treated reporters and my friends with no respect, and thought they don’t understand me because they were not a star like me.”

Of course, none of this applies to the present Lee Joon Ki, who’s known as diligent and hardworking!

Fact 11: I lost 33 lbs to film Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

"Since I've had many 'pretty boy' scenes earlier, director wanted me to appear masculine and sharp. So I went on a diet, and lost 15kg."

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