SISTAR's Dasom is filming a new K-drama Virtual Bride, which explores the complicated relationship between Korean mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. While we eagerly anticipate the premiere of Virtual Bride, we've come up with 11 lovely facts about SISTAR's Dasom. Take a look!

1. SISTAR is one of the top K-pop girl groups

Comprised of Bora, Hyorin, Soyoo, and Dasom, SISTAR is one of the top K-pop girl groups, according to Billboard. In April, the SISTAR members celebrated the five-year anniversary of their debut. Dasom is the youngest member of SISTAR.

2. Dasom is a renowned beauty guru

Dasom is known for her flawless white skin, which has won SISTAR a milk TV commercial. On the beauty program Get It Beauty, Dasom shared her beauty secret item, Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. She swore on the product, saying it helps her skin absorb makeup. She rubs her face with the mask in the shower, waits 5 to 10 minutes for the foam to rise, and washes it off — a quick and easy addition to the skincare routine!

3. 2AM’s Jinwoon carried Dasom on his shoulders 

On the SBS series Laws of the Jungle, 2AM's Jinwoon carried Dasom on his shoulders to help her pick a fruit on the tree, saying it's dangerous to do it herself. Jinwoon then said to his team members, "I think Dasom weights about 52 kg (115 pounds), which made her mad. She replied, "No, I weight about 49 kg (108 pounds)."

4. Dasom filmed a m/v with Seo In Gook

Dasom and Seo In Gook starred in K.will's music video for "Please Don't..." as a lovely couple. Ahn Jae Hyun also starred as the man in love with Dasom.

5. Dasom is a literary girl who loves to read and write

SISTAR's Bora said last month Dasom has always been the smartest one in SISTAR. Dasom shared on a quiz show that she loves to read novelist Gong Ji Young's books and wants to publish a book of essays before she turns 30.

6. Dasom is a considerate girlfriend

Dasom is slow and careful when it comes to relationships. Dasom said on a radio interview last summer, "I tend to be considerate when it comes to love because sudden love can also end suddenly." Dasom shared in another interview that she's never initiated a relationship. "I've never said 'I like you' to anyone. I just express my interest, responding to the person's words attentively," Dasom said.

7. Dasom was rumored to date EXO's Chanyeol

Dasom and EXO's Chanyeol were rumored to be in a relationship in March. When asked who'd make the best daughter-in-law in SISTAR, Chanyeol picked Dasom, saying, "My mother likes friendly people." They also wore the same turtleneck sweaters, which made fans wonder if the sweaters were couple items.

8. Dasom's older brother looks like Jung Yong Hwa

On SISTAR's Show Time, Dasom  introduced her older brother, who looked like actor Jung Yong Hwa. He was a considerate, gentle older brother who took care of Dasom well, feeding her and picking clothes for her. Don't you wish you had an older brother like this one?

9. Dasom can be obsessive

Dasom shared on talk show Radio Star she can be obsessive when it comes to calling people. When someone doesn't answer, Dasom calls them 70 to 80 times repeatedly for about 3 hours. 

"In addition to boyfriends, I'm like that with everyone: mom, manager and SISTAR members," Dasom said. 

When the host asked, "What if they couldn't get to the phone?" Dasom answered, "They have to have a reasonable answer." 

10. Dasom is disciplined 

Dasom is a disciplined girl who's strict with herself. On one birthday, Dasom recalled, she had two chicken breasts and couldn't even touch the cake because she was losing weight and getting trained to debut as a SISTAR member.

11. Dasom is career oriented

In January, 2012, Dasom gave up college to concentrate on her career as a singer and actress. The Virtual Bride is her latest K-drama since Melody of Love. Dasom's role on The Virtual Bride reflects her real self. On Virtual Bride, Dasom is a K-pop star who films a reality show. On the reality show, Dasom plays the role of a daughter-in-law of an actress, who happens to be her boyfriend's mother. Check out the trailer of Virtual Bride and sign up to receive new episode alerts HERE

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