Last March, I wrote about  a young man from Thailand, who, with his many cheap and hilarious costumes, I declared as the unofficial most creative cosplayer in the world. Well...he's back!

It's one thing to go to a cosplay store in Akihabara and spend tens of thousands of yen on a brand new Sailor Moon wig and costume. You may end up impressing some people, but not as many as Anucha Saenghart from Thailand impresses with his low-cost, low-effort looks, which stress the "play" in cosplay. Anucha may not have or just doesn't feel the need to spend any money because his head is full of ideas on having some fun. He actually goes out of his way to spend as little as possible and to use whatever is available around him, and it's usually not much. 

Just look at him in these photos; he'll definitely make you smile. For more, you can visit

1. Terribletubbies

2. Taylor Swift

3. Don't know which is scarier

Watch Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook team up in the thrilling action romance Healer:

4. Perfect!

5. Great set design

6. A Whole New World

7. Another Terribletubby

8. Shizuka chan from Doraemon

9. The detail...

10. Ready to take on all comers

11. Thirsty?