A few months ago, I brought you The 10 Hottest K-Pop dance practice videos: GUYS EDITION, but let's face it, we could make a list of 100 of our favorite dance practice videos and still forget videos! So below is a list of 11 more amazingly hot dance practice videos from your favorite boy bands. These idols are amazingly talented and super sexy!

Scroll through and see if your favorite band made the list! 

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1. Infinite - Last Romeo

These guys are so in sync with their moves! I would expect nothing less of Infinite!

2. GOT7 - Magnetic

This dance from rookie group GOT7 is classic JYP choreography — cute, fun, and filled with energy. And I, for one, love it! But then again, I am a self-pronounced JYP fan...can't wait to see what GOT7 brings us in 2015!

3. Teen Top - Rocking

After a short introduction from the band, the dance practice starts around 0:33. Teen Top is definitely Rocking this dance!

See Song Ha Yoon and Teen Top’s Changjo in the lighthearted fantasy comedy Sweden Laundry:

4. Jay Park - I Like to Party

Oh Jay Park...I like to party too! Please continue to be perfect, talented, and oh-so gorgeous. 

5. VIXX - Hyde

Another great dance practice performance from VIXX! These guys are seriously talented.

6. Boyfriend - Witch

Can we talk about how awesome and unique the curtain work is in this dance? That requires some serious talent and coordination! But if anyone can do it, it's Boyfriend!

7. Jonghyun - Hallelujah

This is a brand new dance practice from Jonghyun (of SHINee), and I have to say, I am loving it. Especially those female dancers in the beginning. They are fantastic! And Jonghyun definitely shows off his talent as well. Can't wait to see more from this solo act!

8. Top Dogg - Say It

Top Dogg...you have so many members, I can hardly keep track. But I love your dancing nonetheless! These guys are super hot, and this dance is powerful!

9. SHINee - Lucifer

Except for that hypnotizing shirt that hurts my eyes, this is an awesome dance! I love all their arm movements! If I were to try this dance, I would probably fall on my face...

10. Rain - Only You

Now, to be honest, this is not an entire dance practice video. It is only a clip of Rain practicing and was filmed before dance practice videos were super popular. However, it's still amazing and oh-so hot. Rain is on fire!

11. BtoB - Wow

BtoB is an awesomegroup, and I love the story this dance tells! I also love all the closeups. More BtoB!

Did your favorite dance practice video make the cut? Comment down below!

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