Fried chicken is serious business in Korea. Even before the chicken and beer craze sparked by My Love From Another Star, fast food chicken restaurants have had a strong and lasting hold on the Korean market. Due to their high popularity, it's only fitting that the hottest celebrities in Korea are scouted to advertise these products. From Lee Min Ho to Jeon Ji Hyun, all the big stars seem to have taken a bite of at least one of these mouthwatering chicken commercials!

1. Lee Min Ho: Kyochon Chicken

While I wouldn't think that fried chicken could big a huge smile to my face, watching this commercial sure does make me happy! I could watch Lee Min Ho smile all day long.  

2. Lee Jong Suk and Suzy: BBQ Chicken

The combination of Lee Jong Suk and two Suzys is fantastic! I'd love to see them together again in a future project. 

Even better, check out this adorable behind-the-scenes clip from their commercial filming!

3. Jeon Ji Hyun: BHC Chicken

After the huge success of My Love From Another Star and its trademark chicken and beer, it's only fitting that Jeon Ji Hyun was selected as the main face for BHC Chicken. She's so adorable in these commercials!

Watch My Love from Another Star, the show that sparked a chicken and beer craze across Korea:

4. Hyun Bin: KFC

This one's an oldie but goodie. Hyun Bin's dimples never lose their charm!


This may win for the most dramatic chicken commercial on this list! I wish all KFC sandwiches were made with such intensity!

6. 2pm: Pelicana Chicken

Looks like 2pm also goes crazy for chicken! This short and sweet commercial will bring a smile to your face!

7. IU: Mexicana Chicken

Apparently fried chicken is always the best medicine! IU is so cute in this.

8. Girl's Day: BHC Chicken

Chicken police? That's a new concept... but it's still a very catchy song!

9. SHINee: Mexicana Chicken

While there isn't a lot of actual chicken in this commercial, I love the slow motion SHINee shots! That's more than enough to get me to want some Mexicana Chicken!

10. Kim Woo Bin: KFC

Kim Woo Bin's dance at the end is perfect! Sign me up for one of these tasty sandwiches!

For more awesome Kim Woo Bin KFC commercials, check out this article here!

11. Super Junior: Kyochon Chicken

Leave it to Super Junior to be experts at selling fried chicken! I can't stop watching this commercial.

Did these videos make you hungry? I know I really, really want some fried chicken now!

Which commercial is your favorite? Please share your thoughts below!

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