From dream makeovers to fitted suits, K-dramas are often filled with stylish outfits, but every once in a while, a show goes the extra mile when it comes to clothing. They take an ordinary article of clothing and make it an integral part of the plot, ensuring that we will forever link those clothes to some of our favorite shows--as if we didn't already link everything to K-dramas anyway! Here are some signature pieces of K-drama clothing we'll always recognize:

1. Plaid pajamas (Playful Kiss)

Maybe plaid pajamas used to be a sign of Christmas morning, but now they're one of the cutest Kdrama couples outfits! The next time you snuggle down in your plaid pajamas, just imagine your own Oh Ha Ni or Baek Seung Jo next to you.

2. The panda hat (Flower Boy Next Door)

At first, it was hilarious, but then I have to admit that I was a teeeeeeensy bit jealous of Enrique's panda hat! Doesn't that look really warm for winter (assuming, of course, that you decide to wear some additional clothes)?

3. Fur coats (Boys over Flowers)

The over-the-top fur coat carries over from the manga, and it's immediately recognizable to any fans of Boys over Flowers. Classic Jun Pyo.

4. Track suits (Secret Garden)

I will never look at exercise clothing the same way again. Who can see those sequins without hearing Joo Won's voice asking "You don't know what this is, do you?"

5. Grandma sweaters (Heirs)

Heirs isn't even done yet, but I'm pretty sure that fuzzy pink cardigan will live forever in Kdrama clothing history. Some people loved it and some people hated it, but everyone noticed it! It's simultaneously inviting and terrifying.

6. The little red dress (A Gentleman's Dignity)

Forget the little black dress--red is where it's at! Not only does Seo Yi Soo's dress literally catch her man in episode 1, but she also wears a stunning little red number later in the series. I don't want to spoil anything, but the red yarn from the beginning brings everything into a satisfying circle at the end of the show.

7. Guyliner (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)

This show isn't the only one to feature prominent guyliner, but it's the only one to explain the significance of the guyliner. It frees his soul! Regardless of your feelings on men in makeup, how can you argue with that?

8. Hairpin (You're Beautiful)

Sometimes a hairpin is not just a hairpin. Simultaneously a symbol of Go Mi Nyu's hidden femininity and Tae Kyung's growing feelings, this one tiny barrette was packed with significance. No wonder it was such a big deal when she lost it!

9. Decorated shoes (Goong)

I feel like these are a Pinterest craft project just waiting to happen. They're personalized, fun, and a great reminder of a classic Kdrama!

10. Love Necklaces (Boys over Flowers, You're Beautiful, Master's Sun)

Every time a necklace appears in a drama--especially a Hong Sisters drama--we know it's going to become a recurring symbol for the rest of the show. It can get lost so that everyone has to overcome immense obstacles to find it! The owner can clutch at it every time she gets sad! It can be the starting point for metaphors about constellations! Really, from a writing perspective, these things come in pretty handy.

11. The "Grace Kelly" shoes (Prosecutor Princess)

If Goong focused on comfy school shoes, we can't think of glitzy heels without remembering how the bedazzled "Grace Kelly" shoes were a driving force for the opening episode of Prosecutor Princess. While I'm fairly certain that Grace Kelly wasn't wearing rhinestone-covered stilettos at her wedding, these shoes were a pretty funny plot device to spark romance.

Speaking of shoes, who else thinks that these hot pink couples' shoes in Heirs might get their own special status? How many times can Tan or Eun Sang gaze at them wistfully before the show ends?

What clothing items remind you of your favorite K-dramas? Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.