Can you believe Oh My Ghostess ended already? Oh My Ghostess has consistently ranked as DramaFever's top TV show for the entire month of August, including last week! Here are the 10 reasons we love watching Oh My Ghostess. Scroll down and see what reasons you find relatable!

1. A ghost story isn't horrifying for the first time

What happens when a ghost comes to live in you? People think you're bipolar and forgetful, but things never get too scary — at least on Oh My Ghostess.

2. Park Bo Young’s Aegyo

Park Bo Young's aegyo (cute gestures) melted my heart and (note: I'm a girl) Jo Jung Suk's. Actor Jo Jung Suk said it's very hard not to smile when filming with Park Bo Young, because "Ms. Park Bo Young is so cute."

In real life, Running Man's Lee Kwang Soo and members of SHINee and BEAST picked Park Bo Young as their ideal girlfriend. In addition, Park Bo Young's had incredibly hot movie and drama boyfriends, including Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk.

3. It makes me wish I were Sherlock Holmes

The detective K-drama Oh My Ghostess is filled with mysteries: inexplicable deaths and strange characters. As the story on Oh My Ghostess progresses, audience members can solve the mysteries along with the main leads.

4. Interesting twists on personality

Park Bo Young is a shy girl who gets her body invaded by the hilarious virgin ghost Kim Seul Gi. This unusual combination of a movie star Park Bo Young and comedienne Kim Seul Gi of SNL Korea creates a synergy you've never seen in any other K-dramas before.

5. The man knows how to take care of his girl

Who wouldn't wish to date a guy like Jo Jung Suk? He takes good care of his girl, who seemingly struggles with bipolar disorder, and teaches her to cook and bike.

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6. The girl grows mature in personality and love

Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) matures through a series of difficulties, like the virgin ghostess Shin Soon Ae (actress Kim Seul Gi) who invaded her body. In the end, she overcomes her insecure personality, deepens her love with chef Kang Sun Woo (Actor Jo Jung Suk), and becomes a qualified chef.

7. The Romance

What is a K-drama without romance? 

Park Bo Young's kiss with Jo Jung Suk on Oh My Ghostess was her first ever. She explained, "I've never filmed a kiss scene in my life. This one with Jo Jung Suk was my first. He was so considerate," Park Bo Young said, "I haven't told my parents yet. They'll be very surprised." 

8. Good v. Evil

Oh My Ghostess discusses the good and evil through haunted characters and both good and bad spirits. 

9. Beautiful drama OST

Check out the official Oh My Ghostess music video and Park Bo Young's sweet voice below!

10. It addresses all kinds of love

In addition to romantic love, Oh My Ghostess addresses love of family, like the love between the ghost Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi) and her father.

Which ones are the most relatable to you? Tell us in the comments below!

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