Like many of you, Cheese in the Trap is my current drama obsession and probably my all-time favorite drama based on a webtoon series. As someone who has read all 133 episodes of the Cheese in the Trap webtoon, I'd like to give you some in-depth details about the storyline and characters. (By the way, did you know the webtoon is available in English?) Scroll down to see the 11 revealing facts about Cheese in the Trap webtoon!

1. Cheese in the Trap is not your ordinary romantic comedy

Cheese in the Trap is like a hybrid of romance and thriller. Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) tries to understand why the suspicious sunbae (older classmate) Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin) is suddenly so nice to her. The drama seems to put its focus on the feud between Yoo Jung and Baek In Ho (Seo Kang Joon) and their love for Hong Seol. The webtoon, which is a longer form of storytelling, has covered Hong Seol's suspicion towards Yoo Jung in much more depth.

2. And Hong Seol is not your ordinary rom-com female lead

Hong Seol is not some pretty, naive girl who gets protected by her men. In the drama, Hong Seol kind of seems clueless and doesn't really get help from Yoo Jung and others to solve her problems. 

In the webtoon, Hong Seol studies long hours to keep good grades. (She's the second smartest in her class after Yoo Jung.) She also reveals shrewd judgment on people and deciphers their hidden intentions very well.

3. Baek In Ho’s motivation for pursuing Hong Seol is unclear

Does Baek In Ho really like Hong Seol or pretend to like her to get revenge on Yoo Jung? In the drama, it seems like he loves her for real, but this remains a mystery in the webtoon. The webtoon is in its fourth season and has a long way to go until completion.

4. Characters teach a thing or two about social life

Hong Seol and Yoo Jung teach us that people will come to you looking for something. They are both hard working but also introspective. They would rather do the work alone than assign it to classmates who don't want to do it. The onus is on them to make everyone do well on tests and presentations. The drama touches on this theme in an early episode when Yoo Jung's friend tells him that he and Hong Seol are very similar. We're sure that's why Yoo Jung was so attracted to Hong Seol.

5. Yoo Jung is like an onion man

"Why is this sunbae suddenly so nice to me?" Hong Seol wonders in the drama. As you watch more, you’ll find yourself working with Hong Seol to uncover Yoo Jung’s true identity: why he is so cold to the Baek siblings, how he plans elaborate plots to hurt people he doesn't like, and so on.

6. Yoo Jung Baek In Ha?

Hong Seol in the earlier drama episodes wonders whether Yoo Jung had dated the beautiful Baek In Ha. Were Baek In Ha and Yoo Jung ever in a romantic relationship? From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem so. As the story unravels, we find out that Baek In Ha isn’t in love with Yoo Jung but someone else: men with money. Stay tuned to find out more about Yoo Jung and the Baek siblings' past, which explains a lot of their dysfunctional relationship.

7. Has Yoo Jung EVER liked Baek In Ha?

It's not clear whether he had, but it could have been possible because (1) Yoo Jung and the Baek siblings grew up together since they were younger and (2) their relationship was probably very different from the way it is now. According to the webtoon, Yoo Jung's dad, who had been a good friend of the Baek siblings' grandfather, decided to take them in from their abusive aunt after the grandfather passed away.

8. Korean college students work hard!

The Cheese in the Trap characters supposedly attend Korea's top tier university. Yoo Jung aside, because he is the alpha male, Hong Seol and others study hard, spend long hours in the library, and fret about missing test preparation notes.

Just look at Hong Seol. After Yoo Jung starts work, weekends are the only days they see each other. In the webtoon, she worries that dating takes up too much of the weekend and she doesn't have enough time to study for exams and prepare for meetings.

9. The extras are extra cute

Take an extra look at the extras because they are the hidden gems. In the drama, Hong Seol's best friends Jang Bora and Kwon Eun Taek go out. In the webtoon, though, they're still just friends, which secretly frustrates me. I love that both the drama and webtoon depict the extra characters with extra details. In Cheese in the Trap, supporting characters play important roles.

10. Everyone has a story

Everyone, including the supporting characters, has a story. Even the annoying sunbae Kim Sang Chul is someone's beloved son. I really liked the scene where Kim Sang Chul talks to mum on the phone, lies, and says he's eating hwedupbap when he actually had a bowl of ramen in front of him.

11. Which male lead will Hong Seol end up with? We still don't know

This question is unclear in the webtoon as much it is in the drama. It seems most likely that she will end up with Yoo Jung, but we'll just have to watch the final episode to see. Cheese In The Trap is such a well-made drama that, whether you are team Yoo Jung or team Baek In Ho, the ending will be satisfying for all.

What are your impressions on the webtoon version now that you've read the list? Tell us in the comments below. 


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