What is a K-drama without a kiss scene? There is nothing to describe the satisfaction when a couple resolves conflict and finally confirms their love with a fuzzy, romantic kiss. Sometimes, the couple uses everyday props — read: food or beverage — when kissing. Take a look at these 11 romantic K-drama food kisses!

1. Witch's Romance beer kiss

Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa simultaneously put their lips on the can when beer foams out. The accidental beer kiss explodes their chemistry and the scene quickly turns into a passionate kiss and a make out session. It works so well that they use the same trick twice in the drama!

2. Sensory Couple ddukbokki kiss

Shin Se Kyung makes Korean snack ddukbokki for Park Yoo Chun and they talk about her memory loss. In this scene, ddukbokki left in the corner of Park Yoo Chun’s lips triggers the kiss. When Shin Se Kyung wipes out the food with her fingers, Park Yoo Chun grabs her hand, pulls it towards him, and kisses her.

3. Heirs donut kiss 

This is not a real kiss scene, but still adorable. On episode 13,  Park Shin Hye takes a donut into her mouth and asks Lee Min Ho, "Do you want one?" Lee Min Ho says yes and quickly approaches her to get a bite of the same donut! 

4. That Winter, the Wind Blows cotton candy kiss

Jo In Sung gets a cotton candy for Song Hye Gyo and they share it. Like the Heirs donut kiss, this is not a real kiss scene. Regardless, I love how Jo In Sung watches Song Hye Gyo so intensely yet endearingly.

5. Secret Garden latte foam kiss

This is the classic. Ha Ji Won takes a sip of her latte and leaves foam on her lips. Hyun Bin chastises her clumsiness and wipes the foam off her face by giving her a delicious kiss.

6. It's Okay, That's Love bingsoo kiss

Gong Hyo Jin tells Jo In Sung a funny story of Lee Kwang Soo’s first kiss. Gong Hyo Jin laughs at her own story and takes a bite of bingsoo (shaved ice). Jo In Sung, who’s been intently listening to her story, gives her a sudden kiss and steals her bingsoo, making her ticked off. 

7. Iris candy kiss

Lee Byung Hun gives Kim Tae Hee a kiss and pops a candy into her mouth. Kim Tae Hee, who’s been annoyed by him, quickly feels better, laughs, and hugs him after the surprise candy kiss.

8. Pinocchio toast kiss

Park Shin Hye’s father imagines a scene where Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk get ready for work together. In the imaginary scene, Park Shin Hye ties Lee Jong Suk’s necktie, and Lee Jong Suk takes a bite of a toast she held in her mouth.  

9. Flower Boy Ramen Shop kimchi kiss

Jung Il Woo wants to help Lee Chung Ah make kimchi. He tastes the seasoning from her finger and says, “I think we need more salt.” A bit later, Jung Il Woo asks her, “Do you still need to taste it?” and kisses her.

10. Lie to Me "Cola Kiss"

Yoon Eun Hye and Kwang Ji Hwan play with a bottle of coke and share their first kiss, which starts soft and grows passionate.

11. Fated to Love You ramen kiss

If Lady and the Tramp shared a spaghetti noodle, Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra of Fated to Love You share a ramen noodle. Jang Na Ra makes Jang Hyuk’s favorite ramen. When she tastes the ramen, Jang Na Ra finds out Jang Hyuk is eating the other end of her noodle. Soon afterwards, Jang Hyuk is about to kiss Jang Na Ra but gets interrupted by a knock on his door.

Which one is the most tastefully done? Tell us in the comments below!

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