Did you know that Song Joong Ki published a skincare know-how book in 2010? We’ve shared 11 Song Joong Ki facts every fangirl must know based on a recent interview from the Descendants of the Sun finale conference. In this follow-up list, we’ll reveal old, unknown facts about our oppa. Scroll down to reveal!

Fact 12: He’s mad about baseball.

Now we know where to have him take us on a first date: a baseball game. 

Song Joong Ki is a Hanhwa Eagles fan along with Jo In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun.

Fact 13: He gets clumsy when drunk.

Running Man's Lee Kwang Soo revealed on Sunday's fan meeting that Song Joong Ki gets forgetful and clumsy when drunk. 

“We went to eat soondae once. When I returned from the bathroom, my phone was in the water, so I dropped his phone in soondae soup,” Lee Kwang Soo shared. “The next day, he said his phone smelled weirdly nutty.”

Fact 14: He got injured while filming Descendants of the Sun but pushed through filming.

No one seems to know this. Song Joong Ki was injured pretty seriously in November 2015 while filming an action scene. His right wrist was fractured and his ACL was ruptured. He put a cast on his wrist and protector on his knee to keep filming.

Fact 15: He wrote Beautiful Skin Project for Men.

Song Joong Ki shared secrets of his immaculate skin with the help of Nylon Korea's beauty editor.

Fact 16: He doesn’t smoke.

Considering many, many Korean men smoke, this is a huge deal. The flower boy actor doesn't smoke to prevent breakouts. As seen in the photo, Lee Kwang Soo and Park Bo Gum guest-starred at Song Joong Ki's fan meeting.

Fact 17: He was a smart kid.

Song Joong Ki attended Sungkyoonkwan University, which is one of the top schools in Seoul. He scored 900 points on the TOEIC, which is a standardized English exam similar to TOEFL.

Fact 18: He cried for his grandma at the 2010 KBS Awards.

“There’s a grandma who can’t see. She never saw her grandson’s face. Grandma, can you hear me?” Song Joong Ki said. “I love you and I hope you are well.”

Fact 19: He doesn’t do social media.

“I don’t do it because I’m not good at it,” the actor said during a News 9 interview.

Fact 20: "Song Joong Ki lovesickness" is an actual thing.

The Chinese government posted an unprecedented statement on Weibo and warned its people against Song Joong Ki lovesickness.

Fact 21: He’s friends with other flower boys.

“There are so many times I have been thankful for Song Joong Ki. I still remember when he called me from the military, asked how I was doing, and gave me advice," Park Bo Gum said during Sunday's fan meeting

Fact 22: He’s been helping people in need for five consecutive years.

Song Joong Ki has been donating to children with cancer since 2011. Over 10 children with cancer have received treatment thanks to his support.

Which oppa facts are you most surprised to know? Spill in the comments below!


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