At the Descendants of the Sun finale conference on April 14, actor Song Joong Ki shared a lot of interesting facts about himself, including info about his ex-girlfriend, dating rumors with Song Hye Kyo, being called a flower boy, and more. Scroll down to reveal the ultimate Song Joong Ki oppa facts!

Fact 1: Dating rumors with Song Hye Kyo? I admire her as a sunbae.

“I spent more time with Hye Kyo noona than anyone. I received so much help from her. Watching her work hard, I thought, ‘She is a top star for a reason.'"

Fact 2: My dating style? I learned a bunch from Yoo Shi Jin.

“I learned from Yoo Shi Jin, ‘Oh, this is what my girl would like.’ I understand why so many female audience members like my character.”

Fact 3: My married friends are annoyed at me.

“I would’ve been so popular if I were like Yoo Shi Jin. Does someone perfect like Yoo Shi Jin exist in real life? That sounds like fantasy.”

Fact 4: It’s hard to think of myself as a Hallyu star.

“I’m just popular at the moment. The real Hallyu stars are Hye Kyo noona and ‘Asia’s Prince’ Lee Kwang Soo.”

Fact 5: I’m upset about people close to me getting exposed to the media.

"My family is exposed to the media, and (reporters) visit my house. There’s something sad about the situation to think that it is what I have to deal with."

Fact 6: Especially my ex-girlfriend

“I’m upset about things like my ex-girlfriend’s photo being shared. That is personal stuff.”

Fact 7: For an actor, appearance is as important as acting ability.

“Acting well isn’t everything. Things like physical condition and facial features are just as important.”

Fact 8: I’ll never abandon the “flower boy” title.

“I’ve never thought about abandoning the title ‘flower boy actor.’ Because appearance means a lot to an actor, I’ll do my best to take care of my skin and prolong aging. Of course, I’ll do my best to cultivate my inner side as well.”

Fact 9: My perfect type? A wise woman.

“My perfect type is still a wise woman. That’s the most important part.”

Fact 10: The military had a positive influence on my life.

“I have learned so much in my everyday life as Song Joong Ki (let alone as the actor Song Joong Ki). I believe that is reflected in my acting.”

Fact 11: I’m greedy when it comes to acting.

“Because I’m greedy when it comes to acting, I want to play a lot of characters. I chose to star in the film Battleship Island because I have wanted to act in a film that’s set during the Japanese colonial period.”

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