We love actor Kim Ji Soo of Fantastic and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, and the reasons are uncountable! Let’s talk 9 sweet facts about Ji Soo! Scroll down to reveal them all!

Update on his health condition: Since our last update, Ji Soo has returned to Fantastic filming site as of Sept. 26. Though he’s not fully discharged and still recovering, he returned to work because he couldn’t be absent from filming for too long. At the moment, Ji Soo’s working under his doctor’s guidance, according to his agency.

1. When he was younger, he was a judo fighter

In elementary school, he dreamed of becoming a professional judo fighter. He dropped it in middle school and, soon after, started acting.

2. Ji Soo’s celebrity crush, out of everyone he’s filmed with, is Kim Hee Sun

And everyone includes his good friends, Ryoo Joon Yeol and EXO’s Suho!

“Looks-wise, She’s so pretty. Heavenly beautiful,” Ji Soo explained why he picked his Angry Mom costar Kim Hee Sun. “She was so beautiful that I couldn't believe I was filming with her. Personality-wise, though we had quite a bit of an age gap, we communicated well because she was always ready to listen to us.”

3. Ji Soo got his start as a musical actor

In middle school, he followed a friend, who was studying acting, to his acting school and learned to act himself. He got involved in the theater his acting teacher had established and started acting for an audience. Above photo is from the 2010 musical, The Dreamers, from college.

4. Ji Soo was a semifinalist in JYP’s open audition

He auditioned for the acting segment of the 2012 JYP openaudition and got second place for acting out a scene from The Moon that Embraces the Sun. JYP's open auditions are known to be very competitive. It’s where GOT7’s JB and Jr. got their start.

5. Many think he’s a Yoo Ah In lookalike

They do look alike, especially when they smile!

6. Ji Soo is freaking tall!

He’s 6’1”.

7. Ji Soo’s got lots of friends

He’s friends with Nam Joo Hyuk, Ryoo Joon Yeol, EXO’s Suho, Byun Yo Han, Lee Won Geun, Shin Jae Ha, VIXX’s N, and more.

A funny side story: When EXO’s Suho told his manager that he’s going to go see Ji Soo, his manager totally thought Ji Soo was a girl. (Ji Soo is a common girl’s name in Korea) Suho told him that they’ll meet at a cafe in a hotel. The manager got surprised and asked, ”Are you going (to a hotel) with a girl??”

8. Ji Soo went to all men’s middle school and all men’s high school

He thinks that’s why he’s closer to actors than to actresses!

9. Ji Soo loves dogs

He has two adorable dogs: Gong Joo and Gap Soon. The former means a princess, and the latter is an old but cute girl’s name (Think Sam Soon of My Lovely Sam Soon).

10. He wants his girl to be innocent and sexy!

When asked to pick one between the two, an innocent or a sexy girl, Ji Soo immediately said both!

“It'd be nice if they coexisted. (I said both) without even realizing what I was saying!” Ji Soo said, sniggering shyly.

11. He prefers an older girl to a younger girl

In the same interview as above, when asked to pick between an older or a younger girl, he went for older!

Which sweet fact about Ji Soo surprises you the most? Anything else you’d like to add? Share with us in the comments below!

Photo credits as watermarked, referenced. Cover photo from Esquire, Instagram photos from @actor_jisoo.

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