Pepero day, Nov. 11, is a pretty big day for lovers in Korea. On Pepero day, people wish for a sweet Pepero kiss from their lovers more than anything else according to a survey. Variety shows like Running Man and Happy Together gage a couple’s intimacy in a Pepero game, where a couple kisses with a stick of Pepero between them and measures how short it gets! Scroll down to see 11 of the sweetest Pepero kisses! 

1. Gary and Song Ji Hyo

"Are you going to close your eyes?" Gary asks before the Pepero kiss and makes Ji Hyo laugh! When the game starts, Gary slowly and steadily approaches Ji Hyo and tilts his head when he gets super close! Monday Couple had 1.2 cm of the Pepero stick left as a result. Watch them in action here.


"We've done this before," Gary said before his second Pepero kiss with Ji Hyo. "But I'm still so nervous. It's crazy." On their second time, Monday Couple did even better than the first, leaving just a tiny crumb of Pepero!

3. Gary and Moon Chae Won 

“It’s my first time (playing Pepero game) since college. I’d played it with ice cubes before,” Moon Chae Won said. When the game started, she approached Gary until their lips almost touched! The couple ended up with 4.5cm of the Pepero left!

4. Hong Jong Hyun and Yura

Hong Jong Hyun and Yura challenged themselves to a Pepero kiss in We Got Married! Yura says she was embarrassed, and Hong Jong Hyun shared that her embarrassment was contagious!

5. Yeo Jin Goo and Ha Yeon Soo

Naughty coworkers challenged the two for a Pepero kiss in Potato Star! Watch them in action here.

6. Jang Ki Ha and Seo Ye Ji

Also in Potato Star, Jang Ki Ha and Seo Ye Ji, who played a couple, shared an adorable Pepero kiss.

7. Shinee’s Key and Olaf

"Why don't you eat my Pepero?" Shini's Key asks his clueless Olaf!

8. Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young

"(Pepero game) feels different when I'm watching it from when I'm doing it," Hong Jin Young blushed and said after her first Pepero kiss with Namgoong Min in We Got Married! They had 2.5cm of Pepero left after the kiss!


Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young had many romantic moments in We Got Married, but this is one tops them all! Their second Pepero challenge came later in the year, during which their lips touched!

"Our lips touched for sure. I should've just kissed her," Namgoong Min said with regret!

10. 2PM Nichkhun and comedian Oh Na Mi

Oh Na Mi asked Nichkhun to play with her, and they won the round of Pepero game in an episode of Happy Together by leaving just 1.7cm of the stick!

11. Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub

Lastly, Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub shared not a Pepero but a celery kiss on Oh My Venus

Have you played the Pepero game with your significant other? Who do you want to kiss on Pepero day? Share with us below!

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