It's been exactly 20 years since the debut of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Man, are we getting old or what? It seems like only yesterday that I was eagerly flipping on the TV after school to watch it. I shipped the White and Pink Ranger so hard — my original OTP!

Now, in honor of the series turning two decade years old, we've put together some MMPR trivia that we bet you don't know! Or maybe you do, because you were a crazy fan like me.

1. The Yellow Ranger was Asian and the Black Ranger Black

2. Billy is gay!

3. This is how they look now

4. They still hang out! Aww.

5. In Malaysia, the phrase "Mighty Morphin" was censored and removed from the logo due to the word "morphin" being too similar to the drug Morphine.

6. This series is an Americanized version of a Japanese Super Sentai series called Kyôryû sentai Jûrenjâ (Dinosaur Team Beast Ranger)

7. Pink Ranger Kimberly was born on February 14th and her last name is Hart.

8. Lord Zedd is Jewish

9. In the original Japanese footage, the Yellow Ranger was male. This is why the Pink Ranger has a skirt, but Yellow doesn't.

10. The Yellow Ranger Thuy Trang unfortunately passed away in 2001 from a car accident

11. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Forever!