Charismatic. Bad boy. These are just some words that remind us of Kim Woo Bin from his roles on HeirsSchool 2013 and Gentleman's Dignity. On his most recent work Twenty, however, he's a different person. He wears a woman's headband, is unemployed and does nothing but sit and breathe all day. Celebrating Twenty's premiere on DramaFever, here we've compiled 11 things you probably didn't know about Twenty's lead actor Kim Woo Bin. Take a look!

1. Kim Woo Bin's ideal girlfriend is someone like actress Kim Jung Nan

Kim Woo Bin said in an interview Park Min Sook, a fictional character actress Kim Jung Nan plays on Gentleman's Dignity, is his most ideal female type. Does this mean he's into older women?

2. He's best friends with Lee Jong Suk

Everyone knows Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk are best friends, but has anyone wondered about their bromance?

When they filmed School 2013 together, they were so close some actually wondered if they're dating. Kim Woo Bin responded to this ambiguously, saying, "Friendship is a form of love." 

Kim Woo Bin in another interview said on hanging out with Lee Jong Suk, "(We're so busy) we don't see each other often, but we contact often. He won't say no to grabbing a meal together, but it's hard to ask because I know he's tired. We're real good friends, so we can meet when not busy." Kim Woo Bin added he threatened Lee Jong Suk to come to the Twenty VIP press conference, saying he'll get mad if he doesn't come. How cute!

3. Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji An are the most stylish couple we know

Kim Woo Bin and his model ex-girlfriend Yoo Ji Ahn were one of the most stylish couple we knew while the relationship lasted. They started dating in 2011 and broke up early 2014. She's two years older.

4. Kim Woo Bin has a stronger punch than Kim Jong Kook 

Did you know Kim Woo Bin is so fit he has a better boxing skills than Kim Jong Kook? On Running Man Kim Woo Bin's punch scored 837, a higher number than Sparta Kook's, and surprised everyone at the unexpected results.

5. He has a habit of watering his lips

And looks so endearing when he does it.

6. When he debuted, people thought he looked like Big Bang's Top

They're not only wearing the same sweater, but kind of look alike. Actress Shim Eun Ha's said she's attracted to men like Top and Kim Woo Bin. 

7. He model

Kim Woo Bin's wanted to be a model ever since he was younger. He said in an interview, "I dreamed of becoming a model holding part-time jobs." He added, "I personally wrote to a professor because I wanted to major fashion modeling." He also shared he only made $100 per project before landing his first major modeling contract.

8. He used to wear glasses in high school

He used to be so pale, don't you think?! 

9. He's a skilled bad boy

He's so skilled at playing the bad boy that his trademark is the charismatic, serious, bad boy type. He played this bad boy character on dramas like Heirs, School 2013 and Gentleman's Dignity.

10. Except on Twenty

On Twenty, Kim Woo Bin's character Chi Ho is unemployed, wears a girl's headband, and just sits and breathes at home all day. Kim Woo Bin's described his character as the "crazy horse." 

11. Where he will make you laugh

Unlike other 20-something actors who're obsessed with looking cool, Kim Woo Bin isn't afraid to sacrifice himself to make you laugh. He shows a perfect understanding of the comedy as a genre that director Lee Byung Hun said he wants to film 10 more movies with Kim Woo Bin. 

Curious about Twenty now? Check it out on DramaFever now!

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(Source: viavia)