Forget the Olympics. This is the track meet I wanna see! The annual Asian Masters Athletic Championships will be held through September 18th to the 23rd in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, and the star is a 116-year-old runner from India.

Dharmpal Gujjar from India, who claims to be 116 years old, will compete in the 100, 200, 400 and 800 at the upcoming Asian Masters Athletics Championships at Kitikami City in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. And this is 100, 200, 400 and 800 meters, not centimeters. And these competitors are not gonna be walking or crawling around the track, but running. How amazing is that? I remember a New York Marathon runner a few years ago running amongst the others wearing a "Life Begins at 70" t-shirt, and I remember being inspired, but Mr. Gujjar claims to be almost 50 years older than him!

Personally, I'd much rather be in the stands for this track meet than the Olympics. Sure, catching my man Usain Bolt run like the 100m lightning would be cool, but watching this 116-year-old run the 800m would be even cooler! Unfortunately, the stands probably will be pretty empty for the Asian Master's. I know these senior athletes are doing it for themselves, but just imagine the whole world watching on television, an Olympic stadium filled to capacity with over 100,000 people, all on their feet, cheering in unison for a 116-year-old Indian superstar as he runs around the track.



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