Some people love their pets so much, they will even go as far as to get them stuffed after they die so that they can be with them forever. Others love their pets just as much, but don't go quite that far. All they do is get in touch with a company that creates plush dolls out of photos of their pets. These stuffed animals are of such high quality that the owners may sometimes think that they're actually taking care of a pair of twins.

According to their website, Cuddle Clones is a company that specializes in making custom stuffed animal versions of people's pets. This ingenious service provides pet owners and their pets with a new cuddly doll, one absolutely identical to the pet it's modeled after. The doll makers will work off of a photo you send them, and they will also customize the doll according to certain specifics you may have in terms of looks. The stuffed animal will look so much like your pet that together they will look like twins, possibly confusing you and making your pet either totally happy to have a sibling or just plain threatened and jealous. For other pet owners or former pet owners, Cuddle Clones are a way to remember a best friend who's passed away. Whatever the doll is for, it's definitely worth the $129 -$199 it costs to get one made. Cuddle Clones will even donate a percentage of that money to pet-related causes, so you know the people making your beloved pet into a stuffed animal are putting a lot of love behind the entire process. For those of you who are interested, their website is They also do t-shirts, custom figurines, memorials, gift cards, and more. 

I don't have a pet at the moment, but maybe they can make some Cuddle Clones of some special people in my life? That would be awesome! Maybe I should get send them an email...




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