Right about now, post-concert depression will be setting in for my fellow BBCs, or fans of Block B. If you were not lucky enough to see them at one of their showcases, fear not... After sorting through my 10,000+ photos from all three stops of their tour, New York, Washington D.C., and Miami, I have managed to narrow it down to 12 awesome shots of the boys!

1. Taeil decided to tease B-Bomb in the middle of a song by preventing him from dancing and B-Bomb couldn't stop laughing in Westbury, NY.

2. Jaehyo presenting a rose to a little girl during "로맨틱하게(Romantically)" in Westbury, NY.

3. This moment between Zico and P.O in Westbury, NY.

4. When they were so excited during the encore they tried to fly in Westbury, NY.

5. The time Kyung kept making kissy faces at the crowd in Washington, D.C.

6. When Zico sang from the heart in Washington, D.C.

7. When Taeil came to say "hi" in Washington, D.C.

8. When Block B showed us the proper way to line dance in Washington, D.C.

9. When U-kwon couldn't contain his dance moves, even after the show was over, in Miami, FL.

10. The time P.O was really into his part of the song in Miami, FL.

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11. When U-kwon almost ran over B-Bomb who decided mid-dance routine was the best time to pose for my camera in Miami, FL.

12. When Jaehyo had to hush an excited crowd so they could film his punishment for losing during "5 Minutes Before Chaos" in Miami, FL.

Hopefully, the photos help you cope. If it wasn't enough for you, my reviews of all three shows will be on my website soon and all of my photos will be available on its Facebook page by the end of the week! Tell me if you attended any of the shows and all of your thoughts in the comments below! As always, you can also send me a tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!