Tomorrow's Cantabile premiered this week, and it's already off to a very strong start! Both Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung are doing a great job capturing their unique and hilarious characters. I don't know about you, but I couldn't stop laughing while watching the first two episodes. Here are some of the most memorable lines from the series thus far!

In case you missed it, watch episode 1:

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Some great dialogue comes out when Cha Yoo Jin encounters the disaster area that is Seol Nae Il's absolute mess of an apartment.

1. First there's his general confusion of waking up in an unknown, trash filled place. 

2. Then comes some pretty epic denial about if the situation even occurred. 

Alas, once the reality sinks in, Yoo Jin takes it upon himself to clean up Nae Il's mess!

3. Unfortunately for Yoo Jin, Nae Il has a very different perspective on cockroaches.

4. Even better, Nae Il doesn't instantly appreciate all of Yoo Jin's hard work. But she's quick to forgive him after seeing her squeaky clean apartment!

5. Let's not forget this fabulous gem of a line where the writer gives a shout-out to the drama  Baker King Kim Tak Goo!

6. The introduction of renowned conductor Franz Stresemann also leads to some fantastic interactions. He sure knows how to deliver some especially cheesy lines!

7. While trying to cover up his identity, he panics and gives the following name... 

And that is how his nickname of Milch is born! I'm looking forward to Nae Il calling him this throughout the show.

8. Question: How do you stop Nae Il from going to a questionable stranger's hotel room to eat lobster?

Answer: Offer her the ultimate option of using Yoo Jin's arm as a pillow!


9. If you haven't noticed yet, Nae Il really loves food!

10. From playing incredibly complicated piano pieces to overcoming a nasty cold, Nae Il can do pretty much anything if Yoo Jin is there to support her! 

11. Don't worry, Nae Il is also 100% ready to support Yoo Jin!

10. And finally, we have the line that is quickly turning into Nae Il's catch phrase! How many times do you think she's said "Orabang" so far? I haven't counted, but I'm sure it's a pretty high number!

BONUS: While it's not actually a line, Yoo Jin's smirk is definitely worth a mention! Words aren't always needed to make an unforgettable moment!

Which line is your favorite? I know there are many more great conversations to add to this list! Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Be sure to watch  Tomorrow's Cantabile for more fabulous lines and hilarious characters! Also check out the the Tomorrow's Cantabile Drama Club Recaps for great commentary! I can't wait for the new episodes next week!

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