Idols-turned-actors aren't exactly a new trend in Korean dramas, but the current drama season seems like it has exploded with singing talent crossing over into acting. Many of the new releases and upcoming dramas feature K-pop stars not only in fun cameos, but in leading roles. For those K-pop lovers who want to catch a glimpse of their favorite idols, here (in no particular order) are 12 currently airing dramas starring idols-turned-actors:

1.  Lee Joon (MBLAQ) in Mr. Baek

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I have to confess that I hadn't seen any of Lee Joon's earlier acting work, so I didn't really have any expectations for him as the second male lead. Well, I certainly have expectations now because he is blowing me away so far. He's playing the emotional complexity of his character really well, and his portrayal of the spoiled chaebol's son might just be my favorite character in the series right now.

2. Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island) in Modern Farmer 

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Hong Ki has completely moved out of "idol-actor" territory and firmly into "actor" territory for me. He is able to create memorable and lovable characters in every series. Oh, and this series also includes other idols in supporting roles, like  Min A of AOA and Kim Jae Hyun of N. Flying.

3.  Kim Dong Joon (ZE:A), Min Do Hee (Tiny G), Ken (VIXX), Cho Hyunyoung (Rainbow), and High Top (BIGFLO) in  Boarding House No. 24

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So it might just be easier to list which cast members aren't idols for this sitcom. So far, the cast has been working together really well, even the acting rookies like Ken. Do Hee also has a supporting role in Tomorrow's Cantabile right now. Busy, busy!

4.  Seo In Guk in The King's Face

Some people may not remember that the talented Seo In Guk started as a singer, but he did. Personally, I love his duet with Eunji on  Answer Me 1997, mostly because I love everything he did with Eunji on Answer Me 1997.

5.  Lee Tae Hwan (5urprise) in Pride and Prejudice

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His character might just be the most adorable second male lead in any drama right now. I don't have second lead syndrome for him (because Choi Jin Hyuk), but I DO want to pat him on the head and give him a cookie. He will also appear with his fellow group members in the upcoming second season of  After School: Lucky or Not.

6.  Jung Hee Chul (ZE:A) in Doll House

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This week's new DramaFever Mini includes the ZE:A member as a mysterious fellow boarder in the creepy household.

7.  Nam Ji Hyun (4Minute) in Love Cells

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Another DramaFever Mini web series, Love Cells includes 4Minute's Nam Ji Hyun as (fittingly) a K-pop star. Whether the male lead will find love with her remains to be seen, but she's fun to watch so far!

8.  No Min Woo (TRAX) in Greatest Marriage

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Min Woo was the drummer for TRAX for two years before he switched over to the acting world. I wonder if he channeled his K-pop experience for his role in  Full House Take 2.

9.  Yoon Gun (Brown Eyes) and Ah Young (Dal Shabet) in Love Frequency 37.2 

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Although Brown Eyes has been disbanded for quite a while, Yoon Gun has only been in the acting arena since 2011, and this is his first time headlining a drama. 

10. Changjo (Teen Top) in Sweden Laundry

Premiering this week, Sweden Laundry looks like a light, fun romcom. It's also a chance for Teen Top fans to see how well Changjo does on screen.

11.   Nam Woo Hyun and Lee Sung Yeol in High School Love On

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The power of Infinite reigns supreme in this series, with both male leads coming from the popular boy group.

12.  Rain, Krystal (f(x)), and L (Infinite) in My Lovable Girl

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Okay, so this isn't currently airing, but it just barely ended, and it's stuffed to the brim with K-pop power. Not only does our entire central love square hail from the land of idols, but then you also have other stars like Infinite's Hoya and Clazziquai's Alex popping up in the cast, too. 

Which idol-filled dramas are you watching? Who is your favorite idol-turned-actor at the moment? Comment below!