Airport fashion is usually a very serious business for Korean celebrities. The airport is the place to be seen looking your absolute best while wearing the latest fashion trends. However, idols don't always take the airport fashion craze very seriously. Here are 12 hilarious airport fashion mishaps that prove our favorite Korean celebrities also have a great sense of humor!

1. Super Junior

For their 8th anniversary, Super Junior proved once again that they are unbelievably cool when they came to the airport dressed in cosplay. They've done this on two separate occasions, dressing in different costumes each time. I wish more K-pop groups picked up on this idea!

2. Infinite's Sungyeol

Why a bathrobe? It turns out Sungyeol lost a game and had to wear this wonderful outfit at the airport as his punishment!

3. EXO's D.O. and Suho

Words cannot quite capture the awesomeness of these outfits. 

4. Ok Taec Yeon

I'm going to cut Taecyeon some slack due to his broken arm, but this outfit is too funny not to share! His messy hair just ties the whole ensemble together.

5. Kim Jang Hoon


This singer wore an apron as a deliberate jab at the trendy airport fashion craze. He told the media, "If you're going to do airport fashion, then you have to at least dress up like this. I wore this rice cake soup service apron to represent Korean New Year's as well as the coming of spring in China." That's one way to celebrate the holiday!

6. BtoB's Lee Chang Sub

This is another case where the punishment for losing a game ended in very creative airport fashion! Poor Chang Sub may have lost the game, but he pulled off the Tin Man look without any flaws!

You can watch the full video here. Start at 12:10 to see what happens at the airport!

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7. G-Dragon

G-Dragon is usually known for his fashionista ways, but these outfits look like GD either woke up late or got dressed in the dark. Needless to say, he's had better looks! The magnificent bun he's sporting in the picture on the right particularly screams "I just don't care about airport fashion today". 

8. Choi Si Won

Siwon's outfit may look a little silly, but it also looks 100% comfortable. He deserves an A+ for choosing comfort over style! 

9. The Running Man Cast

As punishment for losing during the previous episode, half of the Running Man cast was forced to wear winter clothing at the airport. Keep in mind, it was the middle of summer! I sure love Song Ji Hyo's strawberry earmuffs!

10. Taeyang

I'm not exactly sure what kind of look Taeyang is trying to pull off, but if this was orange I would swear it was a prison jumpsuit! I have to admit though, it does look super comfortable.

11. Infinite's Sunggyu 

Yum! This jacket sure does look tasty.

12. Heechul

It's no secret that Heechul likes Frozen. His undying love for Elsa and Anna has now even trickled over into his airport fashion! The pink sunglasses and his magnificent bag are a winning combination. 

Even better, this is not the first time Heechul has shown off his love to Disney at the airport!

Pretty funny, right? I wish more celebrities would joke around with crazy airport fashion!

Which outfit is your favorite? Please share your thoughts below!

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