Lee Joon Ki has been fantastic in his captivating new drama The Joseon Gunman. To hide his real identity, he is a Japanese merchant by day. At night, he is disguised with long hair in a hooded ninja outfit as he scours the dangerous surroundings for his enemy to save his beloved. We are inspired by his disguise to see how he compares with other hot guys with glorious manes in historical dramas.

1. Lee Joon Ki doesn't just look good in his disguise; he's a sharpshooter and rides on horseback really well too in The Joseon Gunman.

2. Although Lee Joon Ki also looked handsome with a peacock feather in Arang And The Magistrate, the Great King Jade, played by Yoo Seung Ho, out-shined everyone in his celestial garbs and heavenly hair.

3. Yoo Seung Ho and Ji Chang Wook both looked adorable in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. They actually look very fashionable, like they could simply step out to any metropolitan city square.

4. One of Lee Joon Ki's greatest rivals may actually be himself playing the hero in Iljimae.

5.Or the Iljimae played by Jung Il Woo in The Return Of Iljimae.

6. Kim Soo Hyun played the king devoted to his one true love in The Moon That Embraces The Sun, but we could hardly see his hair underneath his royal crown. It was up to his diligent guard, Woon (Song Jae Rim) to show off his manly mane and fast as lightning swordsmanship.

7. We can't leave out Lee Min Ho in the thrilling time travel epic Faith. He definitely looked cool playing a warrior with long hair and dressed in armor. No wonder our modern-day plastic surgeon fell in love with him.

8. When a young village girl (Ariel Lin) first saw the Prince of Lan Ling, also known as China's most beautiful man, she thought he was a girl because he looked beautiful from the back with his long tresses. Feng Shao Feng had a dozen other looks but, in this photo, he was bathing in a lake strewn with rose petals.

9. Feng wasn't the only one with entangled mane in Prince of Lan Ling, however, as Taiwanese heartthrob George Hu also took a stab at the long-haired look.

Miss Downton Abbey? Watch a talented young seamstress become a spy to help England fight the Nazis before WWII.

10. Choi Jin Hyuk's breakthrough role came In Gu Family Book. Don't you think all 186 centimeters of him look spectacular down to every strand of his lovely hair? (I feel breathless just looking at him.)

11.Like father, like son. Choi Jin Hyuk's son in Gu Family Book was played by Lee Seung Gi, who looked adorable in long hair. I'm sure it's all in the family DNA.

12. We will see Jung Yong Hwa in his first historical in The Three Musketeers. To no one's surprise, he already looks fantastic in the teaser and stills released so far.

So, what do you think? Which ones do you like the most or make your heart flutter? Who else should we include in the list?