Everyone has heard the saying "all ______ look alike." And as problematic as such generalizations may be, within the world of Korean entertainment -- where stars are expected to keep up with the newest fashion and trends (both cosmetic and other) -- this adage just might hold some water. However, this can also mean that setting yourself outside of the popular image may hold some benefits as a Korean entertainer. Looking 'exotic' or 'foreign' as a celebrity can not only make you stand out, but also help create an image of mystery and intrigue. Who, then, are Korea's most 'exotic' looking stars? Korea's netizens have spoken and some of their choices might just surprise you.  See for yourself and decide if these 12 Korean idols are deserving of their 'exotic' status!

B.A.P. - Himchan

Monsta X - Hyungwon

iKON - Yunhyeong

Super Junior - Siwon

Block B - Jaehyo

SHINee - Minho

Seventeen - Scoups

WINNER - Kim Jin Woo

GOT7 - Yugyeom

EXO - Kai

BEAST - Dongwoon

VIXX - Ken

Which of these stars were most exotic to you? What does it take to be an exotic Korean idol? Let us know your thoughts below!


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