We all know Super Junior’s Donghae is super handsome and super smooth, but did you know Donghae was super pouty too?! The “pouty face” is Donghae’s go to aegyo pose, and its super cute! You know what else is super cute?! The fact that today is Donghae’s 27th birthday! For Donghae’s 27th birthday we’re celebrating with some of his most super cute pouty pictures! Believe me this list is SUPER CUTE! (I totally out did myself with the Super Junior “super” everythings.)

12. He looks like a bratty child with that pink bow in his hair. ^_^

11. His foundation is on point isn't it? Also notice the perfect bang/fringe cut to the side burns which then frame his cheekbones and jaw line!

10. "Gimme all the candy."

9. Pouty selca!

8. The look of defeat.

7. "Wearing these giant glasses and I still can't see you!"

6. "These ear muffs are sooo not my style."

5. Spotlight on the mega pout.

4. A cat-like pout, so cute!

3. That shirt. He looks hot. Sexiest pout photo ever! Oh...Hi Sungmin in the background!

2. Someone said something that made him sad and pouty *tiny violin plays*

1. Look, the pout is REAL!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE