Here we go again! As usual, Japan has all the fun and yummy foods on their menus, while we get stuck here with boring turkey and cheese sandwiches. Did you know at Subway in Japan you can get mushrooms on your sandwich? Below are 12 items from Subway you can only get in Japan. I'm sure by the end of this list you'll either fly to Japan or create a petition just to get your paws on one of these unique treats!

12. Cheese Roasted Chicken and Mushroom

I'm not a melted cheese person, but I do like the mushroom topping here. I would try this minus the cheese, you?

11. Herb Sausage

So it's basically a giant sausage link tossed between some bread. Who doesn't love that?

10. Sausage Roll with Cheese

Let's just transfer the herb sausage to a tortilla and we now have the perfect snack for on the go.

9. Shrimp and Avocado

Hmm this is interesting. I don't believe I've ever eaten the shrimp/avocado combination, but I'm willing to try!

8. Shrimp Melt

This is shrimp and a ton of veggies loaded up with what looks like two different cheeses. Unless it's Parmesan, shrimp and cheese just don't mesh well to me. Do you like cheese and shrimp together?

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7. Cold Smoked Raw Ham and Mascarpone

This is 100% a go for me. I'm thinking this is similar to Prosciutto, so in my mind it probably tastes close to an Italian assorted sub minus the other meats.

6. Basil Oven Potatoes

I just want to know the selection of sauces offered with this delicious side!

5. Carrot and Apple Pound Cake

Two of these please.

4. Komatsuna and Sesame Pound Cake

Komatsuna is mustard spinach, so this with sesame as a cake, hmm. I wonder if it has a sweet taste?

3. Yuzu and Sour Cream

Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit and looks similar to a lemon. So this treat I would totally try! I wonder if it's sweet with a hint of tang to it though.

2. Cream Soda/Ice Cream Float

Everyone in the world loves a refreshing float! This should be on all the Subway menus!

1. Coffee Float

Oh come on! Why don't we have this deliciousness?!

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Now that we know what's on the Japanese Subway menu, we can place our orders. I'll have the Cold Smoked Raw ham sandwich with a Yuzu and sour cream pound cake, and Coffee float. What would you order?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE