Jeju Island Gatsby (aka Warm and Cozy) is coming up on May 13, and so far, the series looks like it will be showcasing the beautiful island as much as possible! As a popular vacation spot, the stunning island is home to hiking trails, ancient historical sites, and sandy beaches, so it's no wonder that this vacation destination pops up time and again in our favorite K-dramas! Here are 15 K-dramas that feature the island:

1. Lie to Me

In one of my favorite K-drama ending scenes ever, Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan share a passionate kiss against the gorgeous Jeju backdrop. Swooooooon.

2. Secret Garden 

Jeju Island is a magical place — quite literally — when our two leads discover that they have switched bodies while visiting the island!

3. My Lovely Sam Soon

This one's a classic! Sam Soon painstakingly makes her way up Jeju's Mt. Halla to declare an end to her romance, only to find that Jin Heyon is waiting for her, unwilling to let her go.

4. Goong

This series had several scenes set on Jeju, including Shin's birthday party, but this series is probably best known for its use of Jeju's Teddy Bear Museum, now a must-see tourist spot for fans of the show.

5. All In

This Lee Byung HunSong Hye Gyo series actually spawned a new vacation spot with its popularity. When the original filming sites were destroyed in a hurricane, the church and convent sets were actually rebuilt as the "All In House," where tourists can relive their favorite scenes.

6. Boys over Flowers

Okay, so Jeju wasn't exactly the happiest location in Boys over Flowers, but it certainly was memorable! Who could forget how Jun Pyo almost married the wrong girl? At least the church was pretty, right? I'm happy that we got to see more of the lovely scenery with Ga Eul and Yi Jung.

7. Jewel in the Palace

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This immensely popular historical series helped put Jeju on the drama map by sending the lead character to Jeju in exile. Did you know that there is actually a Dae Jang Geum mini theme park in the Jeju Folk Village Museum? Well, there is. Put it on your bucket list!

8. King 2 Hearts

The romantic location where Lee Seung Gi's character tries to woo Ha Ji Won is actually on Jeju! Reportedly, temperatures at the high altitude dropped below freezing while filming the piano scene, but the actors didn't let that get in the way of the mood!

9. My Girl

In this Hong Sisters classic, Lee Da Hae plays a native Jeju girl who begins the series guiding tourists around the island.

10. Scent of a Woman

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Tango on the beach? Kissing? Riding bikes? Jeju never looked so good!

11. Marry Him If You Dare

If my future self ever shows up, I wouldn't mind winning a trip to Jeju Island and being set up with Yonghwa!

12.Playful Kiss

Jeju may be Ha Ni's dream honeymoon spot, but the trip doesn't go exactly as planned for the newlyweds, at least until the final night...

13. Chuno

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Like Jewel in the Palace, this sweeping historical series knew how to make the most of Jeju's stunning scenery.

14. Fated to Love You

Jeju is known as a romantic honeymoon spot, so it's no surprise that, like Playful Kiss, this series chose the scenic location for its honeymoon scenes.

15. Jeju Island Gatsby

From the trailer to the stills, Jeju isn't just a background for this series; it's a character all its own. If nothing else, the upcoming Hong Sisters series will look pretty and make us all want to take a vacation! Jeju Island Gatsby premieres May 13 exclusively on DramaFever. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE.

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What's your favorite K-drama Jeju scene? Are we missing anything from the list? If you had a chance to go to Jeju, where would you visit and what would you do? Share your thoughts in the comments!