Once again Halloween is upon us, which makes way for everyone to release their inner ghoul or goblin and of course, K-pop stars are no exception. Every year we see releases of some crazy K-pop concepts, including ones that can absolutely make your skin crawl. So in celebration of the holidays, we present to you thirteen creepy K-pop music videos with everything from crazy circuses to psycho murderers to get you into the Halloween spirit. 

WARNING: Viewer's discretion is advised. These videos are for Halloween and may contain graphic or violent images. If you are sensitive to such content matter, then it is recommended that you do not watch certain videos. Please read and watch at your own risk. Thank you. 

1.) SHINee "Married To The Music" 

When I first saw this gem, I couldn't help but wonder if Halloween came early this year. Not only is this video about a huge, ghostly house party, but facial features and heads are lost (I almost died when I first saw that), along with one of the members getting caught on fire. Plus there are a lot of dark accessories (like skeleton head glasses and vampire teeth bowties) and use of the color orange, all of which makes this a perfect watch for this spooky season. 

2.) BLOCK B "Jackpot"

Block B is anything but normal in this music video, which makes it both an interesting and disorienting watch. There are creepy clown masks, real person ventriloquy, and even bug eating — all feats that are wild enough to make this list. 

 3.) Sunny Hill "Midnight Circus" 

This video is a little bit older, but it still works well with the theme. A lot of the creep factor from this video is the creepy doll-like stares from all the members, especially when they are being suspended from the air like puppets, as well as the music in general. The overall video concept isn't very scary or Halloween-like, but the music and weird introduction gives it a sort of unsettling vibe. 

4.) Ladies Code "Hate You" 

The dolls and how the girls interact with the dolls are rather unsettling. Throughout the video there are more creepy effects and vacant stares (highlighted by dark make up and backgrounds) as the girls progressively get more violent with the dolls. Together with a repetitive phrase of "I hate you," and you have a Halloween music video. 

5.) VIXX "Voodoo Doll"

From beginning to end, this video makes me cringe, not only because of the sporadic images of skin being sewn together or brains being stabbed, but also because the general situation itself. I mean, the members are all trapped in cages with mutilated bodies and get brutally tortured by a sadistic girl (she laughs the entire time) though a voodoo doll. It's really creepy and enough to make my skin crawl.  The x-shaped contacts don't really ease the tension. 

6.) INFINITE "Bad" 

Although not entirely scary, there is a sort of Bloody Mary theme throughout. The video involves a lot of mirrors and strange phenomenon involving them, such as reflections moving or being there when no one is there or a girl's silhouette expectantly appearing. There are a lot of spooky elements to this video. They aren't prominent at first watch, but I still definitely recommend it for a Halloween playlist. 

7.) BIGFLO "Obliviate" 

Taking on a darker Harry Potter theme is never easy, but BIGFLO found a way to make it work. Although it's a bit of a party song and video, there are definitely elements of Halloween in there. There are wizards, human puppets, and skeletons galore, along with a crystal ball reader. A good video to watch when you want something for a party situation. 

8.) SEOTAIJI "Christmalo.win" 

Being a darker, more twisted version of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," this video is definitely my favorite one on this list. The song is not only pure gold, but the cinema version of the music video has a lot of dark themes in the storyline, touching on issues like division of social classes and child labor, along with maintaining a strong Halloween theme. Containing a lot of magic and dark whimsy, this video is definitely a treat to watch. 

9.) Taeyang "I'll Be There" 

Another older video, but it's in English and it's Taeyang, so it definitely deserves a spot on this list. Not only is this set in either a graveyard and mansion, but there is also shirtless, stalker Taeyang dancing with zombies. It's at times even reminiscent of Micheal Jackson's "Thriller." Need I say more?

10.) Boyfriend "Witch" 

A definitely watch this Halloween season. Boyfriend nails the Halloween theme with not just witches, but also vampires and magic. Craziest part? Not all of them live to tell the tale.

11.) BIGBANG "Monster" 

I couldn't resist adding this one to the list for more reasons than one. Not only do I love BIGBANG, but this one is a classic video to watch during Halloween because these boys look amazing as monsters and there are also some really great moments where you can get chills down your spine. Definitely one I'd watch this holiday. 

12.) HISTORY "Psycho"

Definitely a throwback to the classic American horror film "Psycho" with some spine-chilling stalking and stares from the members of the group. Imagine one of these crazy boys creeping around your house. Terrifying thought, right? 

13.) Cho Hyung Woo "Someone I Know" 

Honestly, the creepiest music video in this entire list by far. Not only does this guy kill this girl, but he regrets it and lets it haunt him to the point of insanity and even suicide. The video is really eerie, especially with the occasionally cheerful music. This is a video I would definitely recommend for anyone who is the fan of the killer genre. 

Which music video brought a chill up your spine? Any others you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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