It's Nam Joo Hyuk's 22nd birthday, and I have proof that the ridiculously cute star of Cheese in the Trap is the most adorable birthday boy of all time! 

1. No one could argue otherwise after witnessing this smile! 

2. How do I get those sweet lips on the background of my phone? 

3. Isn't this cute GIF oddly mesmerizing? 

4. The double threat of amazing hair and a killer smile!

5. Oh hi, Nam Joo Hyuk oppa! 

6. He's even more adorable when eating!

7. Or when pouting!

8. Did I mention the adorable eating already? *Melts* 

9. Eye smile for days!

10. What was I saying? I got caught in his gaze...

11. It's just not fair when he draws attention to his mouth like that...

12. Can I please just pat him on the head?

So did I prove my point? Is he not the most adorable birthday boy in the whole world?

Happy birthday, Nam Joo Hyuk!


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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