Are your siblings equally hot as you? These celebrities' siblings are.

Some celebrity siblings are well known. They work side by side as actors or singers. Other celebrity siblings are non-celebrities, although they share the genetic superiority with their celebrity siblings. Scroll down to see which celebrity sibling is the hottest!

1.SNSD Jessica and f(x) Krystal

Often referred as the Jung sisters, Jessica (Jung Soo Yeon) and Heirs' Krystal (Jung Soo Jung) are four years apart sisters and best friends. We can just tell how close they are in the photos. Jessica and Krystal even starred on a reality TV show together.

Check out Krystal's performance on Heirs:

2. Lee Byung Hun and Lee Eun Hee

Lee Byung Hun's younger sister Lee Eun Hee won Miss Korea back in 1996. She now works as a model. When she got married in 2012, Lee Byung Hun held her hand and walked her down the aisle  to her future husband.

3. Park Shin Hye and Park Shin Won

Park Shin Hye's older brother Park Shin Won is a guitarist, composer and member of the folk style acoustic guitar group Tree Bicycle. He played guitar at Park Shin Hye's fan meeting in Tokyo, Japan, last summer, and wrote one of drama Pinocchio's soundtrack songs.

4. EXO Chanyeol and Park Yoo Ra

EXO Chanyeol's older sister is a news anchor. Isn't she a doll? Chanyeol recently had this adorable GIF battle with D. O. Chanyeol, D.O., Baekhyun, and Sehun star on a cute fan fiction web drama EXO Next Door

5. EXID Hani and her younger brother

EXID Hani's younger brother is currently serving his military duties. People joke about how he's popular in the military because of his hot sister. They've confirmed their appearances on the reality show We Are Siblings, which premieres on July.

6. Ha Ji Won and Jeon Tae Soo

The Sungkyunkwan Scandal actor Jeon Tae Soo is younger brother of Ha Ji Won (Jeon Hye Rim) and also an actor! By the way, did you know Ha Ji Won has an upcoming drama? The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days is based on a Taiwanese hit drama and stars Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook:

7. Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan

The Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love actress Kim Tae Hee and actor Lee Wan are good looking siblings! Lee Wan's been on dramas Swallow the Sun and Insoon is Pretty

8. JYJ Park Yoo Chun and Park Yoo Hwan

The Sensory Couple actor Park Yoo Chun's younger brother Yoo Hwan is also an actor who's filmed A Thousand Days' Promise and I Need Romance.

9. Ryoo Seung Wan and Ryoo Seung Beom

Actor Ryoo Seung Beom and director Ryoo Seung Wan have worked on films like The Berlin File (2013). 

10. SNSD Sooyoung and Choi Soo Jin

SNSD Sooyoung's older sister is a musical actress Choi Soo Jin.

11. Um Tae Woong and Um Jung Hwa

Both Uhm Jung Hwa and Uhm Tae Woong are great actors. Uhm Tae Woong with his baby daughter Ji On stars on the reality show Return of Superman:

12. 2NE1 Sandara Park and MBLAQ Thunder

2NE1's Sandara and her younger brother MBLAQ's Thunder (real name Park Sang Hyun) are always seen supporting each other through interviews. Man, talk about great genes!

13. Big Bang Taeyang and Dong Hyun Bae

Taeyang's older brother is a play actor. Don't their eyes, nose and lips look alike?

Who's your favorite Korean celebrity sibling? Tell us in the comments below!