Korean dramas are great on so many levels. The beautiful people (shower scenes), the lovely locations (shower scenes), the cool culture and trendy technology, combine that with the addictive nature of the genre (and of course those awesome shower scenes), it's a miracle anything in my life ever gets done. But who knew you could also get some valuable life lessons from them as well. True dat! And here are just a few courtesy of the K-drama.

1. Change is good.

Case in point, whether young, old, male or female while a bowl cut always works a perm can change your life FOREVER.

2. Forgive and forget.

No matter how much is done to you, no matter how awful and unrepentant the offending party. No matter how difficult it all appears to be, GRRRR no matter what! The K-drama always teaches us to forgive and forget. And if by chance you happen to be the offending party and you want to hasten your inevitable pardon...

Take it to the knees -- game over.

3. Always go for it and never take no for an answer. Fighting!

Because unreciprocated affection is not awkward at all.

And wrist grabs probably feel really really good.


4.Snitches get stitches.

Apparently? Even though I've never actually seen a snitch get a stitch in a K-drama (well maybe Two Weeks and okay *shudder*) I can only assume that is the case since NO ONE EVER TELLS ON ANYONE EVER (except in Two Weeks and again *shudder*)!!

5. Close the door behind you and always use your inside voice.

Because an open door is inexplicably compelling. One of two things will happen depending on what side of the door you're on; either a) you will loudly reveal the intricate details of your well laid plan of vengeance or b) you will listen in and hear the intricate details of your victims well laid plan of vengeance and then promptly proceed to foil them. And depending on which side of the door you find yourself on you will either a) have a good heart and everything will eventually work out for you or b) you suck gas and everything will eventually fall apart for you and then you'll kick rocks.

6. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Unless you're a VVIP.

Then screw everybody else! I had no idea there was something higher than a Very Important Person, but apparently there is a Very Very Important Person. And now that I know that I must become one and crush all the stupid P's, IP's, and regular VIP's. Somehow I feel they mock me.

7. Look both ways before crossing the street.

And never cross the street. You will die!

8. Killers are bad and should be punished.

... but Noona Killers are awesome and should be celebrated, replicated and distributed across the globe to lonely Noona's everywhere.

You're welcome, Noonas.

9. Cup of noodles are more complex than you think.

I had no idea there was actual fire, cooking, pots, pans and sometimes an egg involved? And you can eat it off of the pot lid too? And there's a special pot?? WTW!? I also, apparently did not know how to pronounce it either. But now I do. And since discovering how delicious "ramyun" is, I now prefer to pronounce it "ram-YUM". Yup that's how I get down.

10. Always wash behind your ears.

And to get it done right...

A bath is good.

A birdbath is better.

And there it is! -- a shower gets the party started!

11. Sticks hurt, stones hurt, words hurt too but water in the face shuts an ex future daughter-in-law down!

Eomeonim Wae?!

12. I am as deep as a puddle.

This is more of a personal revelation but just see if you don't find yourself in here too... just sayin'. Even if he's mean and makes children cry, if he's hot enough I will still have a crush on him...especially if he rushes out of the house after a shower and his bouffant falls and he just leaves it like that for the rest of the drama...

...yup a puddle I say.

13. And finally, at the end of the day "Don't worry be happy".

If I've gotten nothing else from the K-drama it's this one. No matter a body swap, time jump, a Sageuk or a Makjang; a birth secret, a hit and run, dementia or a stroke; fake amnesia, real amnesia, stalker exes and chaebol pops; getting caught in the rain, catching pneumonia and later being cured by an IV drip, or ignoring calls by the inefficient removal of the battery move, only to stumble later in too high heels and wear a pharmacist out over the possibility of a scar. Whatever design the shenanigans take, the K-drama will find a way to end it happy. Even if it takes 120 episodes, jumps ahead a few years and has to send it's representatives to America. It will always make a K-drama do what a K-drama do.

So see the K-drama's much more than just a pretty face. What about you? What pearls of wisdom have you picked up from the K-drama...surely you weren't in it just for the shower scenes? Ahh a puddle I say. Go ahead, flex your mental and leave your pearls below.

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