Running Man's Gary and Song Ji Hyo are Korea's longest-running reality TV couple. Have they dated other people or, better yet, each other? Scroll down to find out!

1. Haha coined the term "Monday Couple"

Haha, Gary and Ji Hyo were in a triangle love relationship in the beginning of Running Man's history. On an October 2010 episode, Haha said, "Gary and Ji Hyo decided to go out every Monday (when they shoot Running Man)."

2. Gary’s not afraid to get lucky in front of Song Ji Hyo

Just count the number of girls who've kissed him!

3. Song Ji Hyo filmed an erotic movie A Frozen Flower with Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung and Song Ji Hyo played a lovers’ triangle with Joo Jin Mo.

4. Song Ji Hyo dated her agency's CEO 

The news of Song Ji Hyo and CJ Entertainment CEO Baek Chang Joo dating spread out on February 2012, which made Gary tremble in fear for the future of Monday Couple... Entertainment news reporters confirmed their breakup in January 2015.

5. Gary wishes he'd marry Ji Hyo

Gary tweeted a photoshopped wedding photo of the couple in December 2011, saying, "This has nothing to do with the reality. It's just for a laughter!"

6. Ji Hyo thinks Gary's better looking than Kim Soo Hyun

On the "Flower Boy Competition" episode aired on May 26, 2013, Ji Hyo said Gary's better looking than Kim Soo Hyun, announcing the revival of Monday Couple.

7. Gary's pet name for Ji Hyo is "Mung Ji"

On an interview Monday Couple gave in December 2015, Gary revealed he has Ji Hyo saved as Mung Ji on his phone. When the interviewer asked Song Ji Hyo about her pet name for Gary, she said she doesn't have any!

8. Monday Couple isn't afraid to show affection in public

On a Running Man after party in January, Ji Hyo sat on Gary's lap and he had his arms around her slim waist in front of everyone on the Running Man team! (Seriously, how are they still not an official couple?)

9. Gary’s name means diarrhea in Japanese

A fan tweeted to him, which he retweeted, “Gary, I love Rissang, but please don’t sing in Japan. Your name in Japanese is diarrhea.”

10. Song Ji Hyo was JYJ Junsu’s girlfriend 

Song Ji Hyo and JYJ were from the same agency CJ Entertainment when she played Junsu’s girlfriend on the music video of JYJ’s In Heaven.

11. Gary is most desirable man

Gary superseded good looking actors like Won Bin and ranked as the most desirable man on OnStyle Korea's Gossip House. No wonder Ji Hyo is so into him!

12. Even Sparta Kook thinks Monday Couple should date

It's not just us, guys! Kim Jong Kook's said on an interview, “Gary and Song Ji Hyo need to go out at some point soon. If they do, it will be good for Running Man."

13. Monday Couple is both a show and a fling

Gary said in an interview, “My relationship with Song Ji Hyo is both business and a thing, adding it will continue to go on even when he gets married!

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